REVIEW | Fifty Shades Of Grey

Before I go and start this post, this is about both the book and film. There are some spoilers inside… This is just a review, that’s all. Don’t kill the messager if you disagree. Also, there will not be a Seen & Heard post for this month or December. 

In 2012, I went looking on Amazon website in their Kindle book section and found the Fifty Shades Of Grey books. This was way before the movie announcement was even made, but when I read the description of it I wasn’t interested in it. A couple of months later, my friend Mandy suggested it and this time I kind of went and bought it after thinking about it for like a day or two. I remember reading it and I was NOT comfortable reading it in the daytime or much less anywhere near my parents. At this time, I was 21 years old. I’m allowed to read and watch whatever I want, but I only got that permission by one of my parents. My poor dad actually knows what the movie is about and I wish I knew that before I watched it!

Anyways after a month or two, I finally finished it. Of course I did a book review about it. My review is here if you would like to check it out, but  I finally watched the film when HBO finally aired it last weekend. I was a little bit more excited than I thought I would be considering how much I hated the book. Let’s be clear though, I hated Christian Grey entirely. This was my first dominant/submissive novel so I wasn’t feeling a lot of the stuff in the book. Anyways, watching the movie I hated Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. He only “became” him in certain scenes and I’m talking like maybe three scenes. Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele was probably one of the best choices ever!  She was funny, shy, and curious all at the same time! She was my Anastasia, the one I had imagined in my head while reading the book.

As for the scenes in the book, I remember the helicopter ride, visit to Ana’s mother place in Georgia and lunch with Christian’s family. The only one I didn’t hate was the helicopter ride. I think I liked it for a different reason though, I liked the placement of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” there but was that scene that quiet as it is in the movie? That’s another thing that I sort of missed was the narrator/Ana’s inner thoughts throughout the whole thing. I felt the whole thing was pretty plain without it. I’ve been trying to rack my brain for other scenes that I felt that I needed to voice my opinion about and the only thing that’s left is the butt plugs. We only hear her ask about them when they go through the contract, but they don’t make it into the film – probably couldn’t show them.

You know what’s really bad though, I actually liked the movie a lot more than I did with the book. I think if I had read it after I read other books about dominant/submissive roles, I don’t know maybe I would have liked it more. I doubt it though. Now that I know the next two movies will be released back to back, I’m going have to read the other two books. No, I haven’t read the other two. My mom and Blondie have, but I haven’t. That’s how much I hated Christian Grey! I recorded it at like 2am, I didn’t start watching it until like 4am. The volume on my TV never got off 11 and I had to read the closed captions quickly. I also had my toe on the “recall” button just in case I had any surprises come bursting through my door!

What did you think of the film?