OOTD: Gray



So this is outfit number two that you’ll get to see this week. If I can get everything lined up correctly, the third will be up either Saturday or Sunday, depending on when I’ll have the time to do everything. I actually can’t wait to show off that outfit too!

This picture was taken Saturday morning as my dad had a doctor’s appointment which kind of made me think of all those times he and mom would tell us as kids that nobody is going to the hosiptal or doctor’s on the weekends. Anyways, I went back to my nana’s at 8am. Been a while since that’s happened and the weather was not so pleasnet, that’s why I had to result to having this OOTD taken inside my grandparent’s kitchen because by the time my dad came to pick me up it was pouring down raining.  Another thing I think I should explain, my nana doesn’t use cameras like mine. She’s used to her phone and all that, but I’ve been teaching her so she can help me out if I need it. However, she managed to take TWO pictures of me without half of my head. You can see my smile, but that’s about it. Like she told me, it’s about my outfit not my face!

 Okay, this top is from Hot Topic and it’s actually a hand-me-down from Blondie. She gave me a bunch of her clothes in like September. This is my second cat shirt and it has the cutest (not as cute as our cats of course!) kitty on it but at the bottom of it is a red box and it randomly has “turn down for what” written inside it. It’s actually pretty big on me, very roomy which is nice! The material isn’t thick or heavy like cotton. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I got my leggings from but they’re in different shades of gray like my shirt, my mom and I call the pattern “floral” even though we really don’t know what it is! They fit nicely on my legs. They’re the right length, so they don’t drag whenever I want to use my feet. The material is kind of thin, not the best to wear in the winter.

What do you think of my many shades of gray outfit?