USBloggerChat: Book Questions!

009Last month I gave up my normal week of hosting the USBloggerChat on Twitter for somebody else. Our “leader” Jasmine had asked all of the hosts if anybody wanted to give up their week for her and it took me about three minutes before I messaged her back that she could have mine. I hadn’t even thought of the theme or questions, so I thought that was a sign! I thought Maria did a great job at her first time at hosting!! I’m finally back though and I had one idea but I could NOT figure out my questions so I backed out of it and went with books instead.

I’ve been having to miss a few of these chats because my show is on at the same time and I know if I try to multitask the both of them I would miss something, so Damon Salvatore has been winning majority of the fights! Sorry ladies! I hope when TVD goes off for winter break I’ll be able to come back to join some of the chats before the holidays start up. I don’t know what our schedule is going to be like for December. I might see if Maria wants to host next month’s chat before the end of the year. Let’s stay in the present, here are the questions from last night’s chat! Hope you enjoy them!

Q1: What was the last book you read? Out of 10, how did you rate it?

Q2: What kind of topic do you generally go for? Action, thriller, romance, comedy, etc?

Q3: How are you about a series of books? How many is too many? What was your last finished series?

Q4: What was your last book recommendation from a friend or family member? What is your go-to book to share with people?

Q5: Do you watch any booktubers?

Q6: Where do you go to find books?

Q7: How do you read? Do you have a little nook you crawl into?

Q8: What is on your wishlist?

They Moved Out!


After my sister graduated from high school and we knew that she was going to spend her first year of college somewhat far away from home, we had some issues! Our parents were worried about her safety and what she could be doing with her new friends. I didn’t really have an issue, I mean I missed the crap out of her but I’m not going to lie I liked going up and visiting her on the campus. When she came back home for her second year, it wasn’t too far away but she could have that privacy she had while being up state. She met Brandon and things kind of changed for her in a good way.

She and Brandon had plans moving up state together over the summer, but my parents weren’t really okay with that. They like Brandon, our dad really likes him and he doesn’t like very many people, especially anybody his daughters like. So he made the suggestion that he move into the house with us until they find some place closer. He moved in the second to last week of May, they both got jobs at Wal-Mart and things were going pretty good! Back in September, Blondie started her CNA classes along with her regular school courses. She got a job at our mom’s job and she passed her state test a month later! Now she and Brandon have their own little apartment. It’s about an hour or thirty minutes from us, but they’re close to work and school!

I think everybody’s been a little excited about this. At first my parents weren’t thrilled of course, at least they didn’t go through with their first idea! Anyways, I was generally excited because the first thing I thought of was “vacation!!” Sometimes going over to my nana’s whenever we have family down isn’t enough for me. However, there’s one bad thing. They live up on the second level, according to my mother there’s 14 steps. Ick! So much for going there for every two weeks… The weeks leading up to them moving in were spent figuring the color theme and how the hell they were going to get Brandon’s stuff down here, so some of his family came down to help them out a little.

They also took some kitties with them. The two that went to their new home were Toni and Bear-Bear. Toni apparently liked the car ride there then the actual apartment. They had to come back to the house though because Bear-Bear kept trying to hump Toni. We thought getting him fixed would kind of stop that, but guess not! They took Gru instead which makes sense because these are the two they were originally going to take anyways. My mom went to go visit them the other day (I wasn’t so happy about that!) and she said that Gru was LOVING it! So much that he even used the litter box! Last night we had a surprise visit from them, they came back to get a few things, leftover pulled pork from supper, and another kitty. Otis is our runt of Midget’s litter, mom doesn’t think he needed to be outside in the cold so they took him. Now my mom will be over everytime she gets off work to go check up on her cat.

Here are some pictures of their new place!! The color theme they went with are red, gray, and black! That couch is a futon, it folds out flat into a bed so if I can go over there for a night or weekend. My mom has already gotten them to let her stay there if she can’t travel on the roads whenever she works in the winter!