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If you’ve been wondering why I keep going back and forth between “howdy” and “hi guys” I’m trying figure out a good way to start off my blog posts! I think getting right into a post is a good thing for my serious, advice, and music stuff but not I feel like if I add something like this to start, it’ll make things more personal and welcoming to you as a reader.

This month has already been sort of interesting. I had my birthday, my nana and I are going over what we want to do for Christmas! I know we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves!

A couple of weeks ago, we got majority of our cats fixed. It’s been a long time coming honestly. My mom’s friend suggested that we take them to a humane society that takes a batch of animals at one time to get them looked at by a vet. The first time we did this they could only catch 12 of them. Bear-Bear and Tubby wasn’t around that morning when everybody else was being chased after at 6am to go to the vet for the day. We were told they did well. Only one of them had fleas, they got their rabies shots as well fixed. They came home the next day and my mom, sister and I were elastic to see our babies roaming around again. Well, recently we’ve noticed a few of our cats have been acting strange. Coughing and sneezing, our dog ChiChi has started sneezing. My mom took her to the vet and found out that she and our cats have the flu. Apparently, it’s bacteria type of flu that can be passed around to each pet. We have to keep her away from the cats to stop the spreading. I can’t sit outside on the porch or in my wheelchair and hang out with the babies for the time being and I’m a little pissed about that. Because we were trying to do good and now they’re sick.

I went out last weekend before more of them started to show signs. I took some pictures and spent a couple of afternoons with them, getting my cuddles. I usually have to sneak up on Nelly, Toni, and Ozzy to pet them but they just came up to me! I even had Nelly up on my chest! Felix is a VERY jealous kitty. He does not like it when I’m petting the other cats. He push and shoves the others to get my attention and then he tries to nibble my toes afterwards. A day later I came back from spending the afternoon with my nana and Oscar, who was already a lovable cat before we got him fixed, decided my feet weren’t enough for him and he jumped on my push wheelchair and laid on my chest twice! It was so cute! Since it’s only going to get colder, a friend of my mom’s suggested we make little kitty houses for them to keep warm at night. My mom and Blondie sat them up a week before they went to the vet, they actually love them!! However, the bigger cats like laying on top of them more but they do sleep in there so that’s good! When I went back there and Midget was on top of the box and Stormy was snoozing inside the other.

If you could send our pets some prayers that they feel better. ♥

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Blogs That I Love #21


After last week and how happy the three selected bloggers found out I truly love their blogs. I decided to get a somewhat head start on the next couple of weeks. I’ve been slacking this month as far as finding ideas and actually finding the words to blog has been a real challenge for me. However, I will NOT let it stop me from publishing these types of posts. When i went looking for blogs to select for the rest of November, I realize how many blogs I really don’t read but i keep following more and more. I decided to pick out blogs that I really read and after that thought, everything seemed to come together a lot easier!

  1. Natterly – Kirsty is a new blogger I’ve found two months ago. I found at the end of one of the blog chats on Twitter. The Great British Bake Off was still on and she was creating things inspired by each week’s theme. I have a weakness of bloggers that bake. She lives in the UK and she also talks about beauty and lifestyle on her blog. Sometimes she’ll upload vlogs on her blog too, that is how I messed up in thinking she was American because her accent isn’t very thick as some of the other UK YouTubers I’ve found recently. We had a long discussion about that on Twitter and I felt like an idiot!
  2. The Lyrics To Life – Have you ever found a blog or blogger that is basically like you, but prettier, smart, and knows a little bit more about music than you do? Well, Tess is like that for me. She runs a music and lifestyle blog. She’s also very sweet, I recently had an interesting email and something told me to message her. Good god! I still feel bad about that especially after I found that I did put my email address on my FB page for my blog! I totally forgot about that! She calmed me down that day and I hope she comes back to blogging soon because I miss her posts!
  3. Planet Lux – I’ve been following Miss Gemma’s blog for almost year now! She’s another music blogger and I just love her to pieces! She finds such a good music from Souncloud. A lot of people use SoundCloud to find great, new music and that’s good for them! I’ve never understood the site. Spotify is my way to finding “new” music. I’m trying to broad my music a bit, kind of like Gemma and my other music blogger friends out there, but my music is already feeling like it could burst at the seams!