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The day finally came. Starz new series Flesh And Bone officially started this past Sunday night. I have been looking forward to this show since I first saw the trailer of it over the summer – summer people! This show has been on my radar for that long, are you freaking kidding me right now?!

The show is about a young woman named Claire who wants to escape her life and she gets an audition at American City Ballet. She gets in on her first try and moves into a small apartment with a fellow ballerina named Mia. The first day being in the room with the other dancers and instructors. It doesn’t go very well but then things kind of change in an interesting way. The artistic director Paul sees something Claire and basically wants to use her to not only make her a star but also help their company. Claire’s very quiet and almost jumpy, You kind of don’t know what her deal is until the very end of the first episode and then her introvert way of life makes total sense. This show already has that raw and twisty sense of the story line for these characters. I seriously can’t wait to see what happens in the season.

I love dance! I have a strong weakness for ballet, I’ll never have the body for it. My feet are already deformed enough. I’ve always admired a person who dances ballet professionally because it all seems like a lot of pressure to take on all at once. From achieving the perfect weight, feet, and nailing each move every single time it’s performed, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. So kudos to you if you are or have danced professionally! This show is on Starz, so it’s a little sexualized but it’s not entirely that bad. The sex scenes would literally come out of nowhere. I watched the first episode in my room, my eyes never taking off the screen. So imagine for a minute, I was totally into the soft, graceful dances and BAM! Sex scene. Apparently they didn’t bother me that much!

When it was Claire’s first day with her fellow dancers, you might see a familiar face. If you watched the movie Center Stage anytime in your life, the guy that plays “Charlie” is on this show! AHHH! I almost flipped out! Sascha Radetsky is actually an actor and a dancer. I wonder how his character will play out in the show. I’m really envious of the people who can watch the whole season On Demand, because I really hate waiting to see what’ll happen in the next episode. I’m really curious! I’ve got my DVR set up to record the whole season so that’s good enough for now! Only three days left!

Did you watch “Flesh and Bone” and if you did, what did you think of the first episode “Bulling Through”?


4 thoughts on “REVIEW | Flesh and Bone

  1. tif D

    So did you finish it yet, or no? You can watch them all on the Starz app for roku or ipad. I don’t want to spoil anything, but am so ready to talk about this show!


    1. Noooooooooooooo! Haven’t finished all of them unfortunately. I don’t have the app thingy, I am more comfortable waiting instead of binging, I’ve never been good at that.

      If you want to talk about the first two episodes I’d love to chat!! 🙂


      1. tif D

        Right on! The brother is such a creep…I really like the artistic director’s character, even though he is a little harsh. I too, noticed “Charlie” right away! He has an interesting storyline in episode 6 or so. The dancers are really great; Kiira is a retired ABT principal, did you know that? The sexual overtones with Claire, and her inhibitions or frigidity are kinda odd. I’m not sure what to make of it? Her fascination with blood and pain, are trippy too. I’m trying not to say too much, lol…The dancer who plays Daphne is gorgeous, I can see her going far. Actually much farther than the dancer who plays Claire (Sarah Hay). What about you?

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      2. Wow! Thank you for not sharing too much, I know you probably wanted to say more!!

        The brother is a creep! Don’t necessarily like him, but I want to know how long he’s been doing to Claire for her to be like she is. I love Mia, Paul & Daphne too! Paul’s character has to be that way, I’ve seen quite a few ballet shows/movies, apparently they’re all a little mean. Lol I can’t wait to see how far Sacha goes in his character, especially since I only saw him once during Sunday’s episode. 😦


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