OOTD: Saloon


Hi guys!

Yesterday I went out to my nana’s house again, my parents went out and I had some fun screwing up my words and making a mess with old photos and papers about my great-aunts. You’ll soon know about that either later this month or next month! I technically didn’t plan on having two OOTD posts back-to-back, because we were told I’d be back on Thursday, not Wednesday. Before I start this, I have to say I look pretty good in this picture! Glad I moved my arm to the arm rest so you could read what my shirt says on it!

This outfit is a combination of my mom and dad. Yes, I know I’m very bright. That’s what everybody kept saying whenever I came around them. When you’re sitting outside with neon clothes, you’re a lot brighter than you seem! I’ve had these pants for a while and pretty sure they’ve made it on a OOTD post too. The sweatpants are from Wal-Mart I think. They are a very light green. I like wearing sweatpants because they’re really comfortable, but the one thing I dislike about them is the ends. When you use your feet like I do, cuffs can be your worst enemy and since I was using my feet a lot with my nana, they were really driving me nuts! My mom picked out these pants to wear. The top was a gift from my dad’s friend Shawn. He went to Sturgis last summer. He rode his motorcycle in the rain to North Dakota! He came back with a lot of pictures, which I used a couple as banner for this blog! He also purchased quite a few T-shirts for us too! I think this was the one I picked out of the pile. All of them were from the Full Throttle Saloon, which sadly burnt down a couple of months ago. I like this shirt mostly because it’s a motorcycle based top. This really shouldn’t surprise you but my dad is the one who picked it out, I have to say it works well together!

So what do you think of my outfit of the day?

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