OOTD: Saloon


Hi guys!

Yesterday I went out to my nana’s house again, my parents went out and I had some fun screwing up my words and making a mess with old photos and papers about my great-aunts. You’ll soon know about that either later this month or next month! I technically didn’t plan on having two OOTD posts back-to-back, because we were told I’d be back on Thursday, not Wednesday. Before I start this, I have to say I look pretty good in this picture! Glad I moved my arm to the arm rest so you could read what my shirt says on it!

This outfit is a combination of my mom and dad. Yes, I know I’m very bright. That’s what everybody kept saying whenever I came around them. When you’re sitting outside with neon clothes, you’re a lot brighter than you seem! I’ve had these pants for a while and pretty sure they’ve made it on a OOTD post too. The sweatpants are from Wal-Mart I think. They are a very light green. I like wearing sweatpants because they’re really comfortable, but the one thing I dislike about them is the ends. When you use your feet like I do, cuffs can be your worst enemy and since I was using my feet a lot with my nana, they were really driving me nuts! My mom picked out these pants to wear. The top was a gift from my dad’s friend Shawn. He went to Sturgis last summer. He rode his motorcycle in the rain to North Dakota! He came back with a lot of pictures, which I used a couple as banner for this blog! He also purchased quite a few T-shirts for us too! I think this was the one I picked out of the pile. All of them were from the Full Throttle Saloon, which sadly burnt down a couple of months ago. I like this shirt mostly because it’s a motorcycle based top. This really shouldn’t surprise you but my dad is the one who picked it out, I have to say it works well together!

So what do you think of my outfit of the day?

Song Review: “Irresistible” by Fall Out Boy featuring Demi Lovato

 Fall Out Boy is a band that i didn’t really like as much as everybody else did. i would like some of their songs on the radio, but not every single one like I’ve been doing lately! I’m probably going to get my butt in a lot of trouble when I say this, but I’ve noticed in the last two albums their music sounds more rock-electronica then their earlier stuff. Music is transforming and acts are becoming more adventurous with their sound. I like that, I really do but I keep pushing myself away from FOB because they’re branching out of their rocky roots.

When Fall Out Boy first released their album American Beauty/American Psycho last year, I actually took some time out of my day and listened to it from top to bottom. Surprisingly, I liked it more than I thought I would but then again I said the same thing about the album before that! The song “Irresistible” was one that I liked the way it was without Miss Lovato. So you should have seen my reaction when this was going to be the next single, but they were going to add Demi to it too! I was a little sad I’m not going to lie, but after I heard it, I was into it. There weren’t a lot of chances in it, she basically gave it another edge to it. She and Patrick singing together actually works and I think that freaked me out the most! I really like it this way, but I thought the original was good too!

What do you think of Demi Lovato leading her voice to the song? Yay or nay?