OOTD: Costume Party!



Over the weekend I went to my neighbor’s house for a birthday/costume party! Since it’s only a couple more weeks until Halloween this was such a cute way to get everybody dressed up and have a little bit of fun! I actually wanted my face made up like a Sugar Skull because I’m a little obsessed with them! As the week trailed on though, I started to think about what I have in my closet. I knew I had a leopard/cheetah print top and pants. So I figured since Sammy was going to do my face makeup anyways, she can make me look like a cat instead! The only thing I didn’t have were the ears, bow tie and tall. My dad ended up getting that stuff the morning of without telling me. I have to say I thought I looked pretty cute in it!

The other day when I got the idea for the backdrop, I asked my dad about having velcro on my camera so when I was in my electric wheelchair I wouldn’t have to worry about dropping it when I’m driving. So he put a small strip on the bottom and now it sticks to my chair like my phone does! When we first went over there, nobody was outside yet so we went back to the house and chilled out for a bit. I stayed outside in my wheelchair and proceed to go around the house and take pictures. I was in the middle of taking Otis, Nelly, and Bear Bear’s pictures and I had taken roughly 10 before this little thing popped up on the screen and I could barely see it at first because it was so bright out there in the sun and it read “internal battery is full” and I went up to the front door and asked my mom what that meant and she came up to me and asked if I remembered to put the memory card back into the camera after I finished uploading.. I guess I didn’t because it was still in my laptop when she went in to check for me. I felt like a goofball but I am still learning it though!

After a half hour we went over and they had a beautiful bonfire already going. Sammy loves her bonfires and I didn’t know I missed being around one until I parked myself by it. Oh my goodness, it felt so nice! I was starting to feel pretty chilly in the shade, so I spent most of my time over by the fire. At first, I was the only one who had dressed up but as more people started to come by the house Sammy, Chey and their mom got their costumes on too! Sammy and her friend Morgan were like cowgirls. It was very cute. I’m not used to seeing Sammy in a dress and she was getting very chilly and frustrated with the stockings trying to fall down her knees! My dad was the one who mostly wore Sammy’s cowgirl hat. Chevy was a scarecrow and Sammy actually made the costume herself. She had the overalls and plaid top, they bought a small bale of hay to stuff into her sleeves. Sammy made up her face, she was so adorable! Chey dressed up as a Hershey’s kiss!! I was impressed!! So cute!! And Tressa was a nun. She had the “Mother Theresa” look and then she had the naughty nun. It was hilarious! I thought nothing could beat the gorilla suit but I was wrong!

Chey seemed to like the gifts, even though she was MORE happy about the money! One of my dad’s friends we call him “Ragtop” got Chey and Chevy each a gift that way the other doesn’t take it you know, but he had a another plastic bag and inside this bag was a purple glitter pumpkin! I almost started crying because it was such a surprise. I shared a picture the other day of a purple pumpkin I saw last year and took a picture of because I couldn’t have it. I have to say I loved Chey’s birthday cake. She loves SpongeBob SquarePants so it fit her very well I thought! I have to say the party itself was really fun!! I kept forgetting I had my camera so I ended up having less pictures than I wanted but it’s okay.


New Coloring Book!


You guys know that I’ve been really enjoying these fuzzy posters, right?

Well, our neighbor Julie (we all call her “JuJu”) dropped off something at house for me. Both of my parents came into my room while I was listening to music and my dad pulls out this coloring book for adults. A month ago, while the three of us were out shopping at Wal-Mart I almost bought one for my nana mainly because it was ocean themed! This was before we found the motherload of velvet posters and ultimately decided to get those instead. So when this was presented to me I was a bit overjoyed! She even got me some colored pencils. I’m normally a marker girl. They seem to fit better between my toes even though I normally use the thinner ones. The colored pencils she bought are dual-colored pencils. My dad and I didn’t know what that meant so I had to find out for myself. The box was so tightly sealed at the top that I couldn’t get anything to try to open it without destroying the box completely! So I resorted to trying the bottom which actually worked! The pencils don’t have an end, it’s like their glued to each other so you get a different color on both ends! Interesting!


The coloring book itself is a “natural wonders” theme! Lots of floral, leaves, mushroom, owls, and insect designs. JuJu said she got me the one she liked the most. There’s several pages inside, some of the designs have very thin lines and others have thicker, so as much fun as I’m going to have with it. It seems it might be a little bit of a challenge for me too! Art challenges are pretty fun to do though! Stress worthy, but fun!


I tried to get pictures of everything and that was such a disaster! I still haven’t figured how to really hold my camera and balance on my butt at the same time. I’ve had to add three more ways to get my photos.

My dad is a very hands on kind of person. He’s worked on different construction sites in his life and before we moved into our house that we live in now, he kind of remodeled it a bit. My sister’s bedroom wasn’t actually there in the beginning!! He built that whole area for her so we didn’t have to share a room. In the past couple of years, he’s done a few other things around our house and neighbors/friend’s houses too!

I’m a pretty crafty person. I will never be trusted around a chainsaw, but I do get some good ideas every now and again. One morning I was awake and I was trying to go back to sleep, but as I was doing that a thought popped into my head. I’ve been trying to find clever ways to get better pictures of things in my room. I’ve got a small room and we keep putting things in it. I’ve been wanting to improve my photography game for some time now and now that I can take pictures by myself I want to try to expand as much as possible. So with that being said, I thought about creating my own backdrop. I have tons of old cardboards from older velvet posters and I’ve never thrown any of them away, small or larger ones. I figured we could reuse them to make this backdrop. Later on that day, I told my dad about the idea and you should have seen the look on his face! And I thought my nana was the only one to give me that look..

I tried to explain to him as best as I could, but in the end he created something close to what I originally wanted. He reused the other cardboards but instead of leaving it white like I wanted he spray painted it silver, which in the end left a small, cute smudge on the top of it. He didn’t have to make it that day, I just thought we’d discuss it a little bit more and then maybe he’d show me a blueprint of what he thought could work but he did this instead and that kind of surprised but I am the same way about doing my blog posts. I only spend an hour or a day “drafting” it and finishing it later on in the evening or the next morning. Now we know it’s a family trait. I left using my dad’s new creation to last and it actually worked a lot better than laying everything flat on the floor! So after spending a good half hour fighting my camera, toes, and a box I finally managed to get some decent pictures of everything without throwing something up against the wall!

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