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I actually made up this post so I had some place to share my new pictures I took earlier this week. I’ve been really enjoying taking pictures of basically everything that isn’t too far away from where I’m sitting. This week alone I’ve went out quite a bit, just sitting on the back porch with our cats. On Monday, I did something I haven’t felt comfortable doing yet and that was upload the pictures by myself, mostly because I felt my toes are too big to handle the small memory card. I like to pick up small things off the floor and people kind of marvel because they have trouble picking up the same things and it tends to look like I’m doing it effortlessly. I’ve been carefully watching my sister do it the last two or three times for me and I knew I had quite a few photos on my card so I figured I’d try this out and I was SO proud because now I don’t have to wait for Blondie to be free to help me upload!

I love sitting out there with them, they don’t seem to mind to be sitting with me. I have to spank both Bootsie and Midget whenever they are mean to the kittens and when Tubby decides to come around the back, the other boys just growl at him like “go away, this is our turf!” and I have to tell everybody to be nice. I’ve managed to get the two shy kitties Ozzy and Nelly to be the most photogenic of the bunch. Ozzy still won’t let me pet him yet. Tazy is another one that I hope will hopefully come around too. They pose very well and have such cute faces!! Wait until you see what I had to do to get a picture of Otis in next week’s post!

What is my life like at the moment?

Eh, kind of boring and a little bit stressed out. I’ve been hiding a few of my emotions at the moment. I’ve been able to be really honest with people, in my family and with close friends too. For the most part it’s been pretty accepted but I’ve also been feeling pretty guilty too. Um, earlier last week one of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family passed away. I only remember meeting him once and even at that time, I was very shy towards him. So when I heard he passed and when my parents went to his funeral I wasn’t as sad as I wish I felt so that has made me feel really bad in the last few days and blogging has been distracting me from feeling like that.

Back on the good part: I’ve been pouring myself trying to get the next couple of weeks scheduled so I can try to get the next couple of weeks drafted and ready. I’ve been thinking of different things, mostly future plans. What I’m going to write about for this month, November, and my end-of-the-year posts and then you got 2016 after that! I have an overactive mind. I have a daily planner but I don’t really use it like I should so right before I went to work on this post. I wrote a few things inside it of what I want to do for next week or the week after. I try to leave room in the week in case I do OOTD posts, but I haven’t done them for a while and I miss them. I’ve been getting extremely organized lately that I’m starting to scare myself a little!

I think I’m done with this post now. Here are my cat pictures for you to enjoy!

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