Autumn Is Here.



This past weekend, we finally turned on our furnace. At first I was really sad, because that literally meant the summer was over and here comes the cold weather! I was actually dreading that smell that you first get when you first turn on the heater but I guess I had missed than I thought because it made me remember what’s coming up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, basically every holiday that happens in the fall! Including my birthday! All throughout the summer, my mom was really upset that she didn’t get any flowers this year. She even has a rose bush, we only got one rose this time. So in a way to redeem herself she has started decorating our front porch a little. At the start of September, she told me she got us some pumpkins and I was instantly excited about that because I really want to glitter up some pumpkins. Well, my mom got a big arrangement of purple flowers a couple of weeks afterwards and she put it out on the porch with the pumpkins and loved it so much that we can’t paint those anymore! She’ll have to find some more and deliver them to nana’s house right away so she doesn’t figure out something else to do with them.

I went over to my nana’s a couple of weeks ago, while my parents were out and my mom got some more flowers. She even got my nana a light yellow banquet of flowers to put outside the door and my mom got a more bolder shade of yellow for us. Not only did she get that, but since the cats have destroyed her other Scarecrow, she found another one while doing my nana’s errands that afternoon. Her name is Abbie as I was told in the car! Our front porch is looking very beautiful and our family embraces the season of fall very well I think! As the new month continues though, we’ll add some more things… whether dad likes it or not!

That night or maybe it was the night before I went outside to sit out on our BACK porch. Too many porches I know! It was a lot later than I normally go out, but I hadn’t seen the babies and I needed an escape with my camera. The lighting outside wasn’t really darker, but it was somewhat cloudy so we had to use the flash a bit. I say “we” because my mom came and sat out with me a little. The cats all just kind of flocked to her. They know she gives them food that’s why! She took majority of the pictures that afternoon which was fine by me because I didn’t have the strength or inspiration to take any. It takes a lot out of me to scoot from one end of the house to the other, especially now that I carry my camera out with me now! We actually got pictures of Bootsie, Midget, and Felix this time around too!

Here are some of the pictures we’ve taken recently! Hope you enjoy!

Stormy and his long paw…
Midget and Ozzy photobombing on the side!
Bear Bear looking so pretty and fluffly!
Otis and Nelly.
Stormy giving us the “what?” face lol
The older cats really do love the babies. Gru wanted to help clean Grumpy.
Gru, Stormy, and Grumpy with Felix in the background and the toes at the bottom!
Nelly sitting on his throne!
These two proceed to fight for this chair after this picture was taken.