NOTM: Green & Pink



Don’t worry this isn’t necessarily a new series I’m doing I just wanted an easy title and thought this would do the trick!

Last weekend, I went over to my nana and papaw’s for a little visit and since her internet has been a real pain lately. She’s been kind of without it for the last couple of days. She’s been doing a lot to distract herself though so I’m pretty proud of her for doing that. She’s been coloring a lot! Besides the fuzzy posters I gave her she found an old Peanuts coloring book from 2003. She’s had to switch from markers to crayons, something that she didn’t really like very much but it works! On this same visit my parents bought us some more posters, three different giant boxes. We each have eight of them and I’m REALLY considering that giveaway maybe one through Twitter and the other on Facebook?

One of the first things she asked me when I came over was can you paint my toe nails for me? It’s very interesting to me that every time I get asked to do this I cringe. Her feet are disgusting! Sorry nana! My feet are younger–for a lack of a better term to use–so it might be the reason why I tend to freak out a bit, but trust me my feet are far from perfect! Fun fact: I have hair on the tops of my feet and I HATE it! The day my feet get really nasty, I will probably crawl into a corner and bawl my eyes out! Anyways, she still had some polish on her toes but it wasn’t very bright so with the color she wanted could cover it up without any problems. She wanted a pink-orange shade by Sally Hansen. I don’t really remember the name of it. I actually love doing her nails because she doesn’t care if I get polish all over her. Eh, I’m not a master at everything! She painted my nails too, I am in love with my lime green color also by Sally Hansen! We’re a Sally Hansen type of family! That picture above is what happens when you use your toes to guide yourself in a push wheelchair. Sometimes you get little hairs stuck on your newly painted nails…

So that’s it! We didn’t do anything too fancy but this was fun too!