Song Review: “Hold On” by Mogaui featuring Cheat Codes

I heard this like three days ago and it was literally on accident I swear! I was flipping through my TV guide and it was playing on BPM when I switched it over. It can be a good thing whenever this happens though! I like to be surprised by random songs every now and then. Whether I find them on the Sirius XM channels on our TV or through Spotify trying to find another song. When you find songs on accident, there’s like a 50% chance that you’ve missed quite a bit of the beginning and that’s what happened with me, but there wasn’t a lot that I missed so in a way it was a good thing! It’s happened in both ways but I would never hate it because I tend to find the best thing stuff! It even happened while I was busy working on this review too!!

I really like the chill feeling you get while you listen to it. It’s got a really gentle sound to it, nothing really jumps out at you but then again it doesn’t need it. There’s an easy-going vibe never really leaves you and that it surprised me on how much I liked that! I would love if this song gets used on this season of Dancing With The Stars!! I think it would be perfect backdrop to a waltz, contemporary, or foxtrot routine. I’m really impressed with it except for one thing that really bugs me about it, the song sounds an awful like Colbie Caillat’s own track called “Hold On” and unfortunately there’s not one similarity between them, there’s like three!! The sound and majority of the lyrics are different on each song, it’s just the parts that include “I really gotta hold on, hold on” that instantly reminds of Colbie’s version. While I was listening to it I was like why do I feel like I’ve heard this song before? Now I understand but the song in general is really good!

What do you think of this track? Can you hear the similarities between the two songs? 

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