For The Love Of Velvet Posters!



This is going to be a little different from from other posts, but in a great way!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I’ve been doing a lot like getting down off my bed and coloring!! When we went to Wal-Mart the last time I said that we had a difficult time finding fuzzy (velvet) posters there. We could find like 5 of the same Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles design but nothing else. I was really bummed. My mom, dad, and I were searching high and low through ALL of the art and craft aisles. I was going to get an adult coloring book for my nana, it was ocean themed and I am still kicking myself for not getting it! She needs something to keep her distracted. My mom did get me a four pack of posters a few days before we went out that day, but I knew two for each of us wasn’t going to keep us happy for long! And my nana really surprised me by how quickly she took to it! She really enjoys coloring again!

I don’t know how many of you have been reading my blog but I have done a lot of art classes in my life. Some people would say that my “specialty” is portraits but I am by no means a professional! However, I am a bit of a perfectionist! This is different. Since coloring these designs, I don’t have feelings of making things perfect and it’s been so nice! I have noticed that I want to make sure to shade every corner but it’s not as controlling as it used to be so I’m okay with that!

The other day I had plans on just getting on the floor and working on a couple but I ended up cleaning my room first! I know that’s totally random, but I had a lot of crap on my floor and I just needed to clean it so I didn’t feel like my space to have everything out was limited! I am very happy to have more room now. I also have a lot of extra markers. I threw away the ones that no longer work which was great because I have two batches of markers in bands (which was a disaster!) one I am saving one batch for my nana to use and the other is for anybody else that needs any markers! I have been doing two or three at a time, which is probably not smart as I am running out of them fast! Not as quickly as my parents figured though so that’s a good thing! I have a lot of them finished and I honestly have no clue what I am going to do with them. I’ve been thinking of giving them a way, like as a random giveaway? I’ve never done a giveaway before. So who knows!

Here are some of the posters that I have finished and then I even got a couple of pictures of my nana doing hers too! Sorry for the brightness too, I’m still learning how to use my camera so bare with me! Hope you liked this little post. If you liked it, I’ll post some in a few more weeks! =)

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