Life Lately | Taylor Swift Concert



This past week I finished the summer’s theme of Tune Tuesday where we travel the world discovering great and sometimes new music! Even though I’ve been finished with writing out the posts for at least a month, I still feel relieved to be done with them until next May! I’m already thinking of new artists, bands and countries to include in next year’s posts. Is that bad? I kind of figured that once I was done with those posts I wouldn’t know what to do with that day of the week. Tuesday is no longer the US new music release day anymore. I have my moments where I remember and then there are days when I don’t and I get really sad! I might be in the early process of creating a new theme for that day though! I don’t know how soon those will be up though.

This past Friday–well actually it happened Thursday night while I was in the middle of hosting the chat on Twitter. My Spotify decided to shut down completely. It does that every once in a while. It just needs to reinstall and all that. Well, when I went to do it on Friday it kept giving me a pop up… so at the moment I don’t have my trustee sidekick, if I do any music reviews I’ll be getting them from both the radio and YouTube only! My ways of listening to music is decreasing and quite frankly I’m a little worried! I’m choosing to see past this because I know I have three other ways to hear music so I just need to hope that they don’t let me down. Besides this, I’ve been watching movies like crazy! I can’t tell you what I’ve been watching although if you’re following me on Twitter you probably know about one or two of them. In a couple of weeks, my “Seen & Heard” post of the month will be up and you’ll soon figure them out!

This past week has been a very weird one! My sister and her boyfriend went to see Taylor Swift on Wednesday up in Indy. They stayed up there for two days but like a day or so before they left, Batman has been a bit sickly. He’s been sneezing and blowing his nose, I actually feel bad for him! And then Blondie started feeling about the same, she literally started sniffling the day before they left.

Oh I have to tell a funny story! Blondie was in the middle of painting her nails in the living room and I guess she dropped or it fell out of her hand but red nail polish spilled onto the carpet. Mom and Blondie tried EVERYTHING to get it out. Our dad is like a hound, he can sniff out and see things that nobody else can see. So she figured she’d be dead meat so she asked me if I could go in there and find the dot. At first i couldn’t, but as came into the room more the light pink dot became more noticeable. What got my mom and I was the fact that after this all happened. Not only did she rat her ass out but she also painted her nails the same color three times! She wouldn’t let me do them either. I was pretty bummed about that. I sat on my floor doing a couple fuzzy posters and separating the bunch I got recently so my nana could have some too! You’ll hear about that soon! They still went to the concert and I guess had fun! The Band Perry was the special guest. Totally not what she hoped for, she thought it would be Justin Bieber, even I knew that wasn’t going to happen!

I’m sorry i don’t have much to talk about right now. I’ve been fairly lazy, watching movies and thinking about things (again!) that I’ve been kind of neglecting my blog. I have like three posts that need to be finished, fixed, and pictures to be uploaded before they can be published but I literally have no motivation whatsoever! We’ll see what happens this week!


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