Why I Love The Lane Bryant #PlusIsEqual Commercial So Much

I know everybody is going to have a lot to say about the new Lane Bryant commercial, it’ll either be really positive or sadly negative. I usually keep myself away from these types of topics because I don’t want to put more fuel into the fire, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to talk about it. One night I was watching regular TV and I was really into the show I guess because I didn’t feel like switching the channel in between the commercials like I mostly do and this was the first thing that popped up.

Fashion commercials have never really interested me before. Something about it though made me want to watch it and I felt very different about it. While I watched these fiercely hot women walk straight ahead in black lingerie and fancy clothing. I didn’t notice the sizes, just the look on their faces when they strutted towards the camera. I was so aware but proud of these women and whoever came up with the idea of having them model Lane Bryant clothing.  I say I was “aware” because for the first time in my life I saw these women as beautiful creatures! For a long time, I’ve noticed changes in how I look and react at the differences of others. I’m happy to say I’ve stopped looking at the ugliness in others. I’ve said “every person in this world is beautiful.” but I feel like I’ve never believed it wholeheartedly. I still secretly judged a person by their shape and size. I have been thinking for many months now that if I can learn how to accept myself and disability, then I can teach myself to look past another person’s insecurities and accept them for who they are!

I’ve been gaining a lot more friends through Twitter that have invisible illnesses. I’ve only been around people and children that have physical and some mental disabilities while in school, but now I’m talking to ones that have chronic pain. And I thought I had pain! I have an aunt that always had bad migraines while I was growing up. She went to the emergency room quite a lot, majority of the medicine she was given from doctors never worked as well, and she was basically miserable. She didn’t start to have less of them until she went on the road with my uncle in the semi. I’ve learned terms and conditions that even my mom, who’s a nurse, doesn’t even know! I’m pretty sure she’s still trying to figure out what M.E. is! The moral of the story is that I’m starting to understand the differences and rewrite my wrongs.

Nobody is the same and I’m happy that I’m coming to terms in seeing this world in this light. We need to continue to change the focus of what this world thinks is beautiful and normal. We need to shed more light on these subjects: looking past a person’s size and changing what we don’t know or understand. I think if we did that, everybody would be more aware of their surroundings and would have hardly anything to judge anymore!


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