Bucket List Chat Questions

12011191_10205112973764179_8859821034477901116_nIt’s the third week of the month and last night I hosted my second US blogger chat on Twitter! It was definitely a success! Literally one day after the first time I already figured out what I wanted to talk about for the next time and I was so excited. Now that I know this is kind of permanent, I have decided that I would do my chat a little bit differently than how others host their chats.

Even though these chats are mostly for bloggers living in the United States. Sometimes I see others from Australia, England, and/or Ireland joining in while it’s either very late at night or early in the morning. Anybody is allowed to join the chats as long as they use the hashtag in their tweets so they can join the real conversation with others. I wanted to create a comfortable environment for everybody. Since everybody seems to enjoy those random topics that allows you to relax and they’re not always about blogging at all. That’s why I chose to talk about music in the first chat I hosted. It was new for me, an easy topic to come up with questions and I wanted something fun and hopefully people would enjoy it just as much! This time I wanted to talk about bucket lists!

I have a giant Bucket List – actually I have three of them total! The main one and then there’s the other two: Things I’ve Done and Things I Don’t Want To Do. I first came up with my list back in 2012 but I’ve always had one stuffed back inside of my head of different places I want to travel to one day. When I discovered Pinterest that’s when it all actually became a list. It grew into an actual list of crazy, random things that do not go together at all! The others formed a little bit afterwards. I’ve done some pretty interesting things in my life. I’ve played mini golf, never gotten a hole in one, but it’ll come one day. I’ve owned a varsity jacket and own a bunch of cats. And then there are the ones that are little good things to cross off your list. People might think they’re little things that nobody would care about like going to the zoo or have bare feet all day. People would love to be able to cross of those two things off their lists but they may not be able to. As far as the things I never want to do, surprisingly that’s a small list. At the top of my head the things I don’t want to is skydive (because I’m deathly scared of heights) or be rich.

This week’s questions have shortened a bit. From 10 of last month, I came up with only 8 this time around! I added two more as little bonuses! I would really like to read your answers. Leave a comment below or post on my wall of my Facebook page! At this point I have no idea what I want the next topic to be about. It might be about childhood favorites or standards as a person/blogger. I have a whole month to figure out! Next month I’ve given up my normal time to another blogger to host so I’ll be back in November! =)

Have you came up with your own bucket list? When did you start building it?

What are your Top 5 places to travel? Or if you are a travel blogger, what were you’re favorite places so far?

We can’t forget about the food, if you were to become a foodie. Which state or country would you like to explore?

Since I’ve discussed my other lists, are there things that maybe you don’t
want to do? What are some of the smaller things you’ve been able to accomplish in your life?

We all have things we want to live to see accomplished, what is yours?

What is holding you back from doing what you want to next?

Tell me what is the craziest thing that you wish you could do?

What was the last thing that you thought you wouldn’t do but yet you did?

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