Tune Tuesday | USA


Well, now that summer’s officially over so is my Tune Tuesday worldwide series!

It’s kind of bittersweet and a relieve at the same time! When you first start something up, a series on a blog, you have to get into a routine as far as figuring out what you’re going to talk about and then finding out what dates each post will be scheduled on! Every single post was either made up a month or two weeks in advance. Once I got towards the middle of it all, I was basically dragging myself to keep going and finish. After this post, I’ll be retiring my Tune Tuesday posts for a bit. I’ll be adding on another music review day to my week! Pray for me! Now that I’m done I’m actually sad, but I’m pretty sure in a week or two I’ll go back to wanting to pull out my hair again! Talking about music will do that to you sometimes!

So out of all the music I’ve gotten myself into in the last few years, I thought I’d be nice and dedicate this post to somebody else. We’re talking about American music for this week and since my friend has a birthday this weekend, I thought I would dedicate this post to her! Now the normal thing would be to send them a card through the mail, but since we met online I couldn’t think of another way to show my love to her than through my blog! We met through Twitter five-six years ago! I was busy finding other Linkin Park fans on there and I found my twin Breanna, She’s roughly the same age as Blondie but we get along so well! We’ve sent letters, exchanged text messages, and last year we finally met face to face through Skype! If we both lived closer to each other, I’m pretty sure we’d never leave each other’s side! She lives on the west coast so I’ve had to learn Pacific time quickly, which means we’ve had lots of late night conversations: it would like 10pm for her but 2am for me! One day we’ll meet I’m sure of it! I have faith we will!

I used LP in last year’s USA post, so I went looking through her Facebook (even though I knew of three bands I wanted to add) I had to make sure all of them were US acts too! Somehow I managed to pick five acts and they’re all from the US! How awesome is that! She likes a lot of punk rock music! A lot of them I’ve never heard of before. Two of them: Dance Gavin Dance and Joyce Manor are bands that I’ve seen my sister listen to on her Spotify! She likes to talk about these two and Circa Survive a lot of Twitter, so those I’ve known for a couple of years now and every time I go into Hot Topic and I see merch by either band I have an urge to buy it for her or at least take a picture of it and sent it like “look what I found!” I’ve actually done that before! She also has a thing for Lana Del Rey, she’s like the only female singer she likes. I remember a conversation we had once, it was in the beginning of the friendship where we were sharing different things we liked and didn’t like, we figured out we are both addicted to tacos through that discussion! She shared that she usually doesn’t listen to a lot of female acts, at that time I was finding bands like Within Temptation and In This Moment which are female fronted so I had been getting stuck in that category and I think that’s how that started I think I was trying to persuade her to listen to one of them and that was her answer to it. It’s all good though!

Happy Birthday to my little twin! Hope you see this and didn’t cry as much! Your friendship means a lot to me. You were there for me when others weren’t and I really appreciate you always waking me up in the middle of the night and obsessing over Mike Shinoda memes. Love you! ♥