Song Review: “Raise Hell” by Dorothy

The band Dorothy.

Damn. I am in love with this whole group. I am still kicking myself for not doing a review of their EP last year because it was bad ass and it needed to be talked about on here. I doubt that this will be as good but I’m going to attempt to redeem myself.

I saw this song creep up on my Spotify through somebody that I am following and I’ve been a little addicted ever since. I love Dorothy’s soulful voice, there’s something very different that I’m not hearing from both the pop and rock worlds. That raspy, sassy, tone in her voice is very intoxicating to me! The sound of the band is also unique, they just mesh with her voice very well. There’s something out of the 70’s about their songs and I actually like that a lot. This song is a bit more milder than their others, but I like the content because it sounds a bit like something I would like. You always gotta raise a little hell! And I usually do!

Now that they’re signed to a record company, maybe we’ll actually get a full album soon. When that day comes I’ll be blasting it and rocking out in my room.

Have you heard of Dorothy’s songs yet? Which ones do you like the most?

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