OOTD + Date Night



Tuesday was a bit weird for me. I got up rather late – well I didn’t get much sleep that night or morning so by the time I did get back up after the third attempt, it was like one in the afternoon. When I got up my dad asked me if I was hungry and I said yes. about 15 minutes later he came in with only a hot pocket and a homemade chocolate milk. After I was finished, he came in and took my plate away and move back my table. After this, he said “I hope this fills you up for now because later we’re going out for dinner.” I was dumbfounded a little, so I was like “what?” so he repeated himself but say we’re going on a date night. I never go on a date night, because well I’m the daughter. He also asked how much money I still had and then I realized we were going to Wal-Mart too. I was so happy that I decided to go back to sleep that morning!

Around 5:30pm my mom came in and got me dressed. Remember in my last OOTD post, I said my mom got me two new pairs of leggings? Well, I got to wear the other pair. This one is a cheetah or leopard print, can’t really tell between them. The colors are black, blue, turquoise, and purple. They are super long on my legs! I honestly prefer longer sleeves on both shirts and pants, they cover up anything that might draw attention and I didn’t really need to wear socks. However, the fact with these on in the heat, I didn’t need socks! My mom read the label before we tried them on the other day, they’re like 95% polyester and 5% spandex which explained a lot! These are going to be pants I probably won’t wear a lot because they are very silky, I almost slid right out of my seat in the car! My shirt is a normal cotton top. The color changes on it a bit, it looks like a very light pink in the picture above but it’s really lavender.

We went and ate first, we went to Ponderosa. I love buffets! They’re my favorite! I actually switched it up a bit this time, as my dad got what he normally gets whenever we go there. I got fish, two different kinds! It was really good! I had to get mashed potatoes and brown gravy, unfortunately they weren’t very good. I also go green beans which were finished off first! My dad also suggested I get fried baby shrimp since I was eating fish. I didn’t want it at first but dad put it on my plate anyways. I got to try it with both cocktail and tartar sauces, but I liked the cocktail one better! And yes, I had room for ice cream too! It doesn’t matter how old I get, I basically look forward to that more than anything! I usually get vanilla with peanuts, oreos, and cut up other candies. My dad was too stuffed to finish his dessert, he got his normal carrot cake with chocolate-vanilla swirl.

For this adventure, I was allowed to take my big wheelchair because the weather was great! I really miss roaming around Wal-Mart in it, but I feel like I was as clingy to my folks even with my electric chair. We spent most of our time in the entertainment department. My dad is not exactly a genius when it comes to this stuff, but neither is my mom. It was cutting close to 7pm and the commercials you usually see of Wal-Mart having employees that know what they’re talking about for each department was not exactly true during our trip. I spent the majority of my time just wandering each part finding things that I should probably keep locked in my head for later trips, like ones closer to Christmas! I found one coloring book for adults that I was going to get, but as I started to really look into it, I didn’t think my nana would like it as much. The lines are really thin and I don’t want her to feel restricted if she accidentally gets out of the lines. So we put it back and continued our search. We found a bunch of fuzzy posters in a box, 30 of them in different sizes! Whenever i go over to my nana’s next we’ll divide them up. I also got a new set of markers that I’m hoping she’ll be able to use too!

I technically had a lot in my head on what I wanted to find. Next month my nana is to have eye laser surgery so our usual Halloween pumpkins might appear a little later, the only thing that screamed Halloween that they had out already was the big bags of candy stacked in boxes in the outside lanes. I spent my time in and out of all the art and crafts supplies aisles. I got something different that my nana and I could do for Halloween. I’m not going to share all of the details yet, but I might share some pictures soon.  And lastly I got two newer pairs of leggings. I finally got me some galaxy leggings! They’ve been on fashion bucket list for like 6 years now. I’m happy! I also got a solid blue leggings that say “fearless” on them. I really wanted some of these Aztec pairs, but maybe the next time my mom goes she can surprise me with a pair or two! I’m really loving them! The two I saw actually screamed winter for me!

When we came home we were greeted with Bootsie and Felix. As much as I really wanted to hang out with the babies I decided to go inside because I was really tired. I didn’t go to sleep that night until like 10pm. Surprisingly I slept pretty good, but I still took a nap Wednesday afternoon. It looked like it was going to storm all day yesterday, for some odd reason my body thought it would be a perfect excuse to take a nap. I only slept for an hour. I think that’s it!

So what do you think of this outfit? Not so dark, actually very colorful compared to the last one. Are you looking forward to seeing what I got in the craft section?

Song Review: “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld

UPDATE: I know the real meaning of the song now, so everybody can stop sending me all those masturbating comments now!

I’ve been hearing this song a lot lately, but I didn’t think I’d hear it THIS much!

I’ve only listened to it under 10 times since it came out. I have an excuse, it’s not a great one but it’s one I always use. Just the title alone kept me away. These words “love myself” can be about a breakup or just a general loving yourself to the fullest. Message songs don’t always work for certain listeners, something that I’ve always seen with these types of songs where they’re trying to pull you into liking yourself for who you are, people don’t seem to want to pay attention to the words. They’ll just sing it without fully understanding the content and especially it’s got a nice party beat behind it, the real message of the track gets lost. I find it so sad when this happens, but the bad part is that I’m no better because even I’ve done this. I’m really trying to pay more attention to these types of songs whenever I’m learning the words. I want to feel the emotion. I want to use it to remember a memory and then I’ll use both examples, when this happens I genuinely grow to love it and want to sing it loud.

After finally hearing the first time, I actually loved this song. It makes me want to “get up” and dance. I’m actually a little bit addicted to it. It’s not overwhelming, it’s not a pop song that after like 20 listens you’re going to be over it. It starts out with these little bells and Hailee’s soft vocals. She kind of sounds like Bea Miller in a way, but both girls totally unique voices. Thank god! It’s easy going through the verses until the chorus starts then it becomes more upbeat in the tempo, but it’s still going with that smooth feeling to the end. It’s very catchy, you’ll learn the melody very easily. I haven’t listened to it enough to learn all of the words, but I will.

What do you think of this song? 

Song Review: “Raise Hell” by Dorothy

The band Dorothy.

Damn. I am in love with this whole group. I am still kicking myself for not doing a review of their EP last year because it was bad ass and it needed to be talked about on here. I doubt that this will be as good but I’m going to attempt to redeem myself.

I saw this song creep up on my Spotify through somebody that I am following and I’ve been a little addicted ever since. I love Dorothy’s soulful voice, there’s something very different that I’m not hearing from both the pop and rock worlds. That raspy, sassy, tone in her voice is very intoxicating to me! The sound of the band is also unique, they just mesh with her voice very well. There’s something out of the 70’s about their songs and I actually like that a lot. This song is a bit more milder than their others, but I like the content because it sounds a bit like something I would like. You always gotta raise a little hell! And I usually do!

Now that they’re signed to a record company, maybe we’ll actually get a full album soon. When that day comes I’ll be blasting it and rocking out in my room.

Have you heard of Dorothy’s songs yet? Which ones do you like the most?