Song Review: “Change The Channel” by Francesco Yates

This was a song that appeared on my “New Music Friday” playlist that I follow on Spotify. I didn’t have any intentions on listening to it but I guess I was busy and I let it play on and I’m glad I did it.

I’ve never heard of Francesco Yates before, but his voice is yummy! He almost reminds me of both Prince and Ed Sheeran. He’s got a very soulful tone in his voice, very smooth. Us ladies love voices like these! We might deny it, but we secretly love them! The song “Change The Channel” sounds something that both of them would do honestly. I love hearing the guitars, especially the bass guitar. Yes, I have a weakness for bassists. It’s very much a rock song, but gives me some old school R&B vibes. This song has a great groove without having to use any electronic sounds which is so nice! I’m having a very difficult time putting what I think of this song into words. I’m sorry!

Listen to it, you tell what you think about it. 

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