Song Review: “Smoke Break” by Carrie Underwood

I have always had a love/hate relationship with country music. I’ve never liked the twang in their voices and the content of the songs are always the same! I have a lot of excuses to hate on the genre but there are a few that I can’t help but love about it!

I never watched the season that Carrie Underwood won American Idol. The only season I remember watching the most was the year Kelly Clarkson took it. The only reason why I ever did watch it is because our night nurses at Shriner’s watched it in our section of the hospital. I can still remember the grainy look of the television screen and the cheers all around of happy fans. Fast forward, in our house we just watched the auditions and the finales. That’s it. Last year was the first time that nobody was interested in watching it straight through. What gets me the most was that I never watched that season and I had only heard “Jesus Take The Wheel” on the radio and yet I still bought her first album. I even have her second album and I’m pretty attached to that one the most!

I love Carrie’s vocal range a lot. She’s a great crossover singer, taking country and pop, mixing the two together as effortlessly as possible. The content of her songs can sound like remakes of her past hits, but I have to say this new song of hers threw me for a loop! It’s called “Smoke Break” and the song is about what you think it’s about, but considering Carrie’s a new mom I didn’t expect her to have a song about taking a little smoke break. I mean, I can see it between being a mom, wife, and famous singer! When I first heard it I was like, “this could be mom’s theme song!” Sorry, but it’s true! We’ve all had those moments where you either want a smoke or a lot of alcohol! I think everybody just needs a break from life to unwind and this is what the song is basically saying. How I’ve been feeling lately, I’m ready for some alcohol!

What do you think about Carrie’s new single?

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