Tune Tuesday | South Korea


When I was just starting writing out the countries I wanted to “visit” for this year’s Tune Tuesday worldwide series, I thought it would be cool to add new countries to the list but sadly take out others if I couldn’t anything for them. I’ve got to say, South Korea was only a thought, when I wrote out dates for each country and musical act to write about, it wasn’t on my list. After I got through Denmark I started figuring out that I listen to a lot more Kpop music than I originally thought I did. So I ended up adding it in last minute so I hope you enjoy!

I think one of the things that draws me into music from all these different countries is that almost everything sounds different from what we, as Americans hear on the radio. Technology has its good parts about it, finding good and interesting music can be easier to find through social media sites. I think it’s fair to say I’ve found more UK music through my Twitter than any other country, but I do get lucky sometimes. As far as talking about music from Asia, it’s a bit more difficult. Since about 80% of Asian musical acts do not sing in English, it is pretty difficult to get English or any other foreign listeners to go outside of their comfortable zone as far as listening to something in another language, but if everybody likes Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias (who sometimes sing in Spanish!) I’m pretty sure hearing Japanese or Korean wouldn’t be that big of a deal!

I’ve noticed lately that some radio stations are getting comfortable with sharing music in other countries from all over the world, some don’t even sing in English and yet I’ve still heard them on these big radio stations like the Sirius XM channels. It’s great to finally see some variety but I’m worried if playing their music will influence them to change up things, like their sound and/or will they start releasing tracks in English or other languages they may not be familiar with? When I heard an all girl group called 4MINUTE on a countdown of music discovered on YouTube being played on a radio station, I’ll be honest it caught me off guard but it wasn’t that bad! I listen to a lot of music in different languages so this wasn’t anything too new for me! However, the group would be my first Korean act I’ve ever listened to and liked afterwards. One day I remember going on Spotify and having myself a little fun. I didn’t want to talk about one KPop group in this post so I went out of my way to find some more. I ended up finding Girls Generation too. This group is a large group, definitely not 5-6 girls, there’s like 8-10 of them. Of course, after years of being a group they’ve switched singers in and out, so the number decreases at times too! They’re not bad! They have tracks that have parts in Korean/Japanese and maybe a chorus in English like 4MINUTE but it’s all pretty great!