Tune Tuesday | Scotland



Another place we didn’t visit last year and I think at first it was on my list, i just opted out because I didn’t think I knew enough at the time. I’m still finding artists and bands that i just assumed were either American or British, but they are actually Scottish! Who knew! Literally all three acts I’m about to list off I swore were British!

Firstly, since i’ve been talking about a lot of dance music in the last few months, you can’t exactly leave out Calvin Harris. I am sad to say that I’m not a big fan of his music. He’s got a lot of great songs and he and Taylor Swift look great together! I’ve just never been drawn towards the dude. Emile Sande is an artist that I haven’t listened to a lot, but I think she has a gorgeous voice! I’m hoping maybe after I finish these posts I’ll work on listening to more of her music! The next one came about after my mom got obsessed with her song that was just playing constantly on the radio! KT Tunstall is an artist that has a beautiful voice and her music so good! I know this is so short, but it’s all I got for right now! I’m sorry!


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