Song Review: “Emergency” by Icona Pop

When I find a song and I like instantly – like there’s no question, I love it I gotta share it with everybody else!

I am the worst at liking songs during the first listen. It usually takes me three weeks to two months to finally cave in and go for it! There has been a couple of songs that have taken up to five months to finally like and by that time, a new track of that artist or band has taken over so hardly anybody wants to play it anymore. Honestly, that’s the best way to get into songs is when people are totally over listening to it and radio stations stop playing them altogether! This song, I didn’t even hear it all the way through the first time and I still fell in love with it!

Icona Pop isn’t a big favorites of mine. Let’s face it, “I Love It” still gets my nerves every once in a while! That’s not the ideal way to make me a fan. Whenever this song comes on, either on the radio or Spotify. I always it as a big routine on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. It’ll happen I know it! It would great for a jive or quickstep! Speaking of dancing, I have been trying to contain MY dancing because it’s got such a good beat, I’m little obsessed with those horns! I thought we’ve heard every which way to use a horn in a pop song, but I guess not! Sadly, I do feel it will get old fast if the song gets overplayed. It’ll either be my own undoing or because of the radio stations. It’s a great song so knowing it’ll happen kind of sucks. Oh, one more thing, I want to know the male singer! It sounds like Adam Levine to me! He’s the first person I pictured when I heard it. The featured singer is Erik Hassle!

What do you think of Icona Pop’s new single? How long do you think we’ll have until it gets old?


One thought on “Song Review: “Emergency” by Icona Pop

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