Tune Tuesday | Poland


We are talking about Poland this week!!

Poland is one of those countries that I think I’ll always need some help with discovering music from there, so thank god for friends like Ania! And of course, she gave me another massive list to choose from! I need to start writing them out so I can stop asking here the month before I start this theme! So let’s get to it!

I love listening to music that I don’t know what they’re saying! I’m pretty sure I’ve said that a few times on past blog posts but it’s true! I really do. I think at times, I’d prefer it in some ways too! I would like to learn Polish one day though! Ania gave me some more female singers. We had some good luck last year with Agnieszka Chylinska. The first person she gave me was “Brodka” so immediately i thought it was a male singer, found out it is a female singer only going by her last name. Monika Brodka is her name and she’s got a very pretty voice! She seems to be a pop singer. It surprises me whenever Ania gives me these more poppy singers from her home country. I wonder sometimes how much pop music she really listens to. She’s my rocker sister so this is a bit of a surprise everytime! Brodka is good, I’ll probably add some of her music to a playlist on my Spotify!

And then I found a pop/rocker! Ewelina Flinta. Which was another suggestion by Ania! One of the last ones she included actually, not bad! Lastly, there’s Lzy that I thought be more rocker but I’d keep her in the same category as the last two! She’s pretty good too! The song that I’ve included came out in May! Sometimes you wish Spotify understood your love worldwide sounds and kept you in the loop more!

 Znam Cie Na Pamiec – Brodka

Zaluje – Ewelina Flinta

Jesteś Powietrzem – Lzy

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