Song Review: “Back It Up” by Prince Royce featuring Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

I’m no longer in denial, this song’s pretty good!

I haven’t listen to Prince Royce’s music before. I’ve seen it play on the radio some, but I usually switch it off. One day I either got too lazy to change the channel or I just gave it a chance. Either way, I let it play and even though I’m still not exactly thrilled about using both JLo and Pitbull, it’s actually really good! The way I’ve been hearing is with both Jennifer and Pitbull, but it’s the “video” version. The song actually doesn’t need Pitbull if I’m being totally honest here, it was perfect the way it was with just Prince Royce and Jennifer together.

I really love the beat of course. It makes me want to dance to it everytime it comes on. Even though I said above that Pitbull really isn’t needed in the track, but the tempo kind of changes during his section. It makes your hips and waist want to move a little faster than what you were doing before! I don’t know why but since this song is new, it brings an old memory of my sister dancing like a bunny and when the chorus starts playing and Royce says “back-back-back it up” that tape in my head rewinds and the image of my sister hopping like a bunny goes backwards. So now everytime I listen to that part I get that image but it makes me happy and music is supposed to help you remember certain things and bring happiness!

What do you think of Prince Royce’s new song? Do you think it would still be as good without Jennifer Lopez or Pitbull?


One thought on “Song Review: “Back It Up” by Prince Royce featuring Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

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