Song Review: “Drag Me Down” by One Direction

I recently just celebrated my one year anniversary of becoming a 1D fan. It’s a little bittersweet because not only before that the group celebrated their five years as being a group, but with one less member. If you’ve been keeping up with all the entertainment buzz or living under a rock at times like myself then you might know about Zayn Malik just signed a contract with RCA just one week ago. A day later which floored me One Direction released their new single without their fifth member. Thanks to Facebook trends, I found out about of those when I login to my account. Apparently it doesn’t matter how much I try to take away, websites just assume you need to read the bullshit!

When I heard about “Drag Me Down” for the first time, it was literally like 20 minutes after I had gotten up that morning! Thank god I didn’t have to keep my music down that day, but I thought it was interesting. Is it wrong that you can tell who is who in this track? I mean, I’ve listened to three out of four of their albums but I’ve always had trouble figuring out who was who whenever they would sing together. I like the fact that you can clearly hear Liam and Niall, I hardly hear them unless it’s like more of a ballad. This song has a soft, but up beat too! It’s got a nice beat, very poppy but not overwhelming! I was very impressed with it. I’m actually looking forward to new music from both sides. I wish all the best for Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis.

What do you think of One Direction’s new song? 


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