Song Review: “No Sleeep” by Janet Jackson

Every once in a while, you have to take it back. Whether you are having good or bad day, sometimes it’s just needed!

I have a weak spot for R&B music. I don’t listen to it as often as I used to, but when I go on sprees there’s a good chance you won’t hear from me for a couple of hours. I’m like this with both country and dance music. I barely get through a whole year in these three genres and I’ve always been that way even as a kid! I have a HUGE R&B playlist on my Spotify too! Thank god I have it because on those days I need my slow jamz.

I don’t exactly know how I got hooked to Janet Jackson though! My mom is a fan of Michael’s music, but I don’t think she’s ever liked Janet’s stuff, well maybe just that one song but everybody loves “All For You” but when I heard she was going on tour again, the first thought was “is she going to release a new song soon?” And about two weeks later I found this song playing Sirius XM’s new channel called Venus, I am betting they’ll play for another month or two before exchanging it out like they did with Madonna’s single “Living For Love” but I really do love this song! As soon as I found I was like “yes!” It sounds like that old school R&B, that feels good whenever you listen to it. It’s got this very romantic and sexy vibe to it that I just love! Everybody loves dance music, but it’s songs like these why you need a break and relax your ears from the loud bass a bit!

What do you think of Janet’s new song?


One thought on “Song Review: “No Sleeep” by Janet Jackson

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