OOTD: Day Out


I talked my mom into going out and doing something on her day off, which was Thursday. After two days, my mom finally told me we were going to Wal-Mart that is if it didn’t rain/storm on us. So I basically mentally prepared for the bad outcome because at that time, we’ve had a couple of good weather/sunny days. By the time Thursday was to show up, it would start raining again.  When I woke up that morning, my room was dark.  We had clouds everywhere and my mom had been looking at her weatherbug app since she got up and found there were chances of rain, so we ended up taking the push wheelchair. I swallowed my pride and agreed because I didn’t want to start an argument. There’s some good points to doing this and praying for a positive outcome if our plans were ruined that night before.

We rode in my mom’s car-truck, whatever you want to call it! I sat up in front with dad, as he was the one that usually drives whenever we go out. The goofballs just got into the car, put on their seatbelts, and got distracted by something on Batman’s back window. I didn’t want to sit in that car the whole time listening to 80’s music. Sorry, but I hear it enough when I go over to the barn and garage. So while they were busy looking away and dad had the A/C up so freaking high I quickly changed the station before they noticed. It literally took them maybe 10 minutes to figure out I had switched the station. The ride there was pretty boring, the surroundings were a little different though. We’ve had lots of rain lately so the river was up by the bridges and into the fields. When we got there, my parents joked about putting me in the cart. I seriously wanted to laugh my butt off! They think it’s difficult to lifting my ass in and out of the wheelchair, I’d be stuck inside that cart. We’d be pulling that sucker home! Oh god, I literally imagined it. My little redneck thought for the day!

My folks pushed me around the place. Normally I hate this, but this was our only option. Whenever we go shopping at Wal-Mart, I usually stand clear of their aisles, I say “their” when I’m mostly talking about dad’s aisles. The male inspired rows of knifes, bb guns, and grills glore! Being pushed around in these areas were a total buzz kill. However, when we went into the music department which is my sanctuary, became an even bigger let down for me. When both your laptop and stereo are not functioning well in the right places, finding and buying music isn’t that much fun. However, I almost did buy season three of Sons Of Anarchy. I still don’t know why we didn’t get it! It was $19.99 and that’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it! I also found Balto! My mom bought three movies for the residents at her work, who knows they might’ve liked it too! Of course I’d have to watch it a few times first before she took it up there.

There was something dumb that we did. We didn’t go eat first before we went in the food section. Bad, bad move there! When we entered the chip aisle. My dad and I quickly started feeling a lot more hungry than in the beginning of the trip. My mom grabbed like three cans of sour cream Pringles and my dad found a flavor we hadn’t tried before, which honestly there’s a LOT of flavors we haven’t had yet. This one was called “Kickin’ Chicken Taco” and it is delicious! It tastes like taco. Now here’s the deal. You know when you were a kid and you used to beg your parents, sometimes grandparents if you could get a drink, candy bar, or small of chips and eat it while you’re walking around and they always told you “no.” We used to get told that as kids, but my parents decided to be rebels and they both opened up the pringles cans. Sadly, I wasn’t any better because I had to try the taco chips with them! As we continue going through the sugar-y aisles and I will take the blame for this! I even got myself a bag of sour gummi worms! No I didn’t try them in the store! I was a good girl from that point on I promise!

I usually get yelled at during the week because my folks don’t know what to get me to eat. I’m very picky eater sometimes what can I say. I was very impressed with what I did get though! Some I’ve had and loved, and some I hope to like! Cross your fingers! We went into the spice aisle and I was doing what I do whenever I look through the CD section, start listing different ones. I watch too many freaking cooking TV shows during the week because I kept thinking of what dishes used: thyme leaves, chili powder, cumin, and turmeric. It was bad! After feeling like our stomachs were about to make more noise than the music that was playing through the intercom, my mom and I went through the clothes section. I’ll be honest. I’m a cheap fashion shopper. I would rather go to Wal-Mart and find something to wear than to the mall. I only spent $10 and all I got were two regular tops in turquoise and ivory. I have like seven pairs of leggings in my drawer and nothing in my closet that goes with them. The two shirts I got go nicely with one pair of leggings! Sounds like my luck! There were a lot of cute summer dresses and tank tops that I liked, but unfortunately I can’t wear either of them! My awkward shoulders alone wouldn’t make either one work, trust me! It took us probably 7 minutes just to find tops that weren’t V-necks. After that, we paid and went to Burger King. I got myself some chicken fries and they were pretty good I must say!

The next time, hopefully I get to the craft section. I need something to do during the week and I was hoping to get my dad on board about painting bird houses, letters or anything. Just something different from my normal routine. However, could you imagine the kittens getting into the paint? That would be something I’d have to do at my nana’s house and I don’t know if she can handle me with paint. She’s still afraid to put glitter in front of me! My dad said he was going to have a look at my SD card in my camera to see what I really need, because doing that today without knowing what I really needed was a disaster! Next time I’m just bringing things anyway!

So to end this, I had a lovely time with my goofy parents. My mom dressed me in my black and white skulls that have like a floral design inside of them. She found an old shirt of mine that surprisingly still fits over my arms! It’s purple and has a metallic design on the left side. I also wore my hair back with a headband because it’s at that awkward stage where it’s not long enough for a ponytail but not short enough to let back on its own. Here’s the outfit of the day! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!