Tune Tuesday | Egypt


This week we head all the way to Egypt! Probably one of my most favorite places in the entire world. One day I will be able to travel there. It is very rare that I find any kind of music on YouTube on accident. I’m not kidding either!

One day I guess I was on YouTube looking for metal music and found this band all the way from Egypt! They are called Massive Scar Era! The band consists of Cherine Amir as lead vocalist and guitarist, Maged Faltas as drummer, Nancy Mounir and Yasmine Eid as violinists. Cherine does both clean and harsh vocals, which give them a lot of edge. I immediately found them on Facebook and started following their journey to making their first album in the states and doing some shows too. They are pretty unique. If you go looking for their music, when I found them on YouTube, they don’t have much but on Spotify, there are five tracks. I like their song “Pray” the most. Sorry I don’t have anymore music from Egypt. I told myself that if I ever decided to bring back these types of posts again that I needed to remember this band. So they’ll been in my head since the beginning of January!

Pray – Massive Scar Era

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