One more week will be Arothrogryposis Awareness Day! If you’ve never heard of the disease before, it is a joint disease that affects my upper and lower body. This is the reason for my curved arms and skinny legs and why I’m always complaining about my hips hurting all the time! Last year, it was the first time I ever celebrated the day by wearing blue and making some noise on all of my social media accounts. I don’t like tweeting celebrities a lot, but I did sent out quite a bit of tweets last year to try to get the word out about why they should wear anything blue. I even got my favorite Push Girl and inspiration Tiphany Adams and one of my favorite singers/bloggers Anette Olzon to wear blue on the day! Yes, I cried, but I think I cried so much because between spreading the word with my family I made up a blog post of all everybody wearing blue and it was so awesome! It made me feel good to know so many people cared and showed their support!

I’d like to get the word out as much as I can without it being too overwhelming. That’s why I waited this long before to start saying something, because too far along, people tend to forget and ask you all the time when the day is so the week before will hopefully prove to be better for everybody! I’d love to get more pictures to upload onto a blog post again, but since I was being self cautious about having my friends and families faces on my blog, I didn’t want strangers going and stealing their pictures you know? So I think this year I’m going to just crop everybody heads off their pictures so I can keep the post up all year long than just three days. I’m actually really excited about telling more people about Arthrogryposis and seeing people dress up in blue to support!

How can you join? Wear any shade of blue you got! I’ll even count jeans and painted fingernails! Hell, I don’t care if you dye your hair blue for the week! If you do that I swear I’ll love you forever and I’ll put the picture at the top of the post!! I’m not going to beg for you to join, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to or in some cases don’t own any blue in your closet, trust me I don’t even have a lot of blue in my own closet! I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing my Elsa pajamas because that’s basically the only amount of blue I have left! I’ll be making little signs on both Facebook and Twitter so you just share those instead, I’ll understand I promise!


Tune Tuesday | Egypt


This week we head all the way to Egypt! Probably one of my most favorite places in the entire world. One day I will be able to travel there. It is very rare that I find any kind of music on YouTube on accident. I’m not kidding either!

One day I guess I was on YouTube looking for metal music and found this band all the way from Egypt! They are called Massive Scar Era!┬áThe band consists of Cherine Amir as lead vocalist and guitarist, Maged Faltas as drummer, Nancy Mounir and Yasmine Eid as violinists. Cherine does both clean and harsh vocals, which give them a lot of edge. I immediately found them on Facebook and started following their journey to making their first album in the states and doing some shows too. They are pretty unique. If you go looking for their music, when I found them on YouTube, they don’t have much but on Spotify, there are five tracks. I like their song “Pray” the most. Sorry I don’t have anymore music from Egypt. I told myself that if I ever decided to bring back these types of posts again that I needed to remember this band. So they’ll been in my head since the beginning of January!

Pray – Massive Scar Era