Song Review: “Bombastic” by Bonnie McKee

I found this song while listening to the YouTube 15 hosted by Jenna Marbles on Sirius XM Hits 1 radio station. I usually get very lucky at finding one awesome song from the countdown, but I never get like two in one day! So this was a rare treat. What’s even better was that I almost missed this song! It’s okay though because I would have had the whole weekend to find it again.

If you grew up listening and having all of Britney Spears’ albums as a kid or maybe an adult. On her third album, “Britney” she had a song on it called “Bombastic” and in a way, I wanted it to be a cover of it and when I found out it wasn’t I was still pretty impressed! I had changed my channel just in time just before they started playing it. I loved everything about it, the intro and beat. It’s very “poppy” but not in a bad way. It’s catchy as far as lyrics go, but you know that’s not my style to like the words first.┬áThe music video is very 80’s workout kind of vibe. In a very odd way the video and song mesh well and I can’t even explain to you why, but it does! If you don’t watch the music video, there’s still a good chance you’ll like the song! I’ll be a happy camper when I find out this song is on Spotify!

Have you heard of this song yet? Do you like it? If not, what is it that you don’t like about it?