Tune Tuesday | Denmark


This week we head into Denmark!

I love doing these types of posts I really do, but it kind of sucks when you only have a little bit to work with and I had quite a lot of countries last year were I only had maybe one or two artists/bands to focus that I felt it was almost pointless to include the country in my posts. I had to completely remove China off my list at last minute because of this reason, but I feel like this week and the next aren’t enough either since there are only three acts altogether! Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I can move on with what I’ve got for you.

I’ll be as honest as I possibly can, I think I only selected both of these acts purely because I’ve heard of only a couple of their songs. Is that bad? I’m starting with the heavy metal band Volbeat. I’ve heard a lot of their songs through Sirius XM Octane. I thought they were from Sweden, but again I was wrong! Anyways, I kind of thought this would be my dad’s ideal band honestly. They sound like something he’d listen to but everytime I try to show him a song of theirs he walks away from me. It’s okay, at one point of time he was like this with Five Finger Death Punch too. Who knows he probably listens to them on his phone. I can actually tolerate “Lola Montez” and I like “Heaven Nor Hell” which surprised the crap out of me! Changing directions, MØ is another singer that I don’t normally listen to on a daily basis, that is until I heard Major Lazer’s song “Lean On” and then I started to basically the song for the sound and her voice. There’s a remix of her song “Walk This Way” that I just love! It’s the Lido remix!

Recently I went on a “binge” on Twitter. It happens every once in a while. I go off my rocker and follow anything or anybody that seems interesting. Most of the time it’s bloggers. Well, this time I was in the mood to find more female fronted rock and symphonic metal bands. It actually started after a band called Forever Still from what do you know Denmark followed me. It took me two days before looking for their music on Spotify and I was lucky, they have two EPs on there and I listened to both of them. Maja is their lead singer and she has a very unique voice! I’ve only heard the sound of her voice on country music. She looks like my age but sounds very mature and strong, which is what you want for any rock or metal band honestly. I thought it was ironic that I had just “finished” this post and then I found this band. They have a new EP out called “Save Me” and I’m hoping it goes up on Spotify soon!

Do you know any more Danish musicians?

Lean On – Major Lazer featuring DJ Snake & MØ

Lola Montez – Volbeat

Scars – Forever Still