Life Lately | Little Otis



After making up three separate “Life Lately” posts last month, you’d think I wouldn’t need to make another one! The post that goes up soon was supposed to be it, but I decided it would have been too long so I changed it last minute.

Not much has changed really! Our kittens are growing and since Wren has brought over her babies, our little “pack” has grown a little more than I think anybody (dad) wanted! It’s just that Bootsie, Midget, and Wren made beautiful babies! In the beginning, we had homes for at least four out of six kittens. Now we’ve had to find more homes for now our older kittens. Even though I don’t see Bear-Bear or Grumpy leaving our backyard anytime soon. I can see somebody being sneaky and trying to sale my Stormy, it’s almost happened before so I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody tried to do it again. I think it’s just the females we need to get rid of since they’re the reason why we continue to get litters of kittens! My dad’s going to cave soon and probably let little Otis inside for good. He’s said he could stay inside a few times but I don’t think mom thinks he was being serious. I think he still feels bad about Oliver to be honest with you!

Earlier this week I went over to my nana’s. I had a late night and I didn’t know my mom was off work and that she was going to get me up at 11am. In a way, she should be happy I wasn’t as mean as I thought I’d be that morning! I went over there and I usually have soup or stew that you warm up in the microwave and I wasn’t in the mood for it at all, but she did have a big chocolate cake that I couldn’t stop looking at when I got inside the house! So I was basically running off of sugar the whole visit: chocolate cake, ice cream, and half a can of RC. Just think about this, there are worse things that I could have had! We talked our heads off and I think I was the one who was talking the most because as much as I was drinking my pop, my throat got so sore! When I’m at home in my room, I’m basically in there in silence. I’ll sing out loud but only if my dad is out of the house! Even though, I’m not as loud as one would be. In the last couple of visits, I’ve noticed after I’ve talked a bit my throat will just feel so irritated. I’m normally a quiet person whether if I’m out with family or in my room. It never changes!

During the last bit of May I thought I had all of the posts that I wanted to have ready for June scheduled. Well, I found I was missing a couple of days in the last two weeks. So I’ve been trying figure out what to do with them and since the 30th is Arthrogryposis awareness day, I’ve had to switched my “Seen & Heard” post for the second week of July! So I could have that day open to once I have pictures to edit. I want to make a blog post out of them for that evening! I literally scheduled I think seven posts into my Tweetdeck yesterday. It drove me insane that I actually ended up with a headache afterwards! To end this post, I only have a few pictures of the babies and about three of just little Otis enjoying the AC in the living room! He’s already spoiled rotten and he’s only two months old!

This is probably one of my shortest posts I’ve done in a while! Don’t get used to it though! 🙂