Tune Tuesday | Canada


Here we are at another week of our Tune Tuesday travels and this time we go to Canada! Boy! I would give anything to go on a road trip to Canada! That’s actually on my bucket list too! One of these days it’ll happen!

Like last week with Australia. I had a rocker and a pop singer, but unlike it I’m on my own of listing different artists and bands go. I do have a LOT of music though! It’s not all one genre which is really good when you want to discover new stuff. All three that I have selected are ones that I actually listen to like a lot! Does everybody remembers the rock band Simple Plan? I remember getting into them and Good Charlotte back in 2005-06 while I was still in middle school. They are from Montreal, Quebec. Every time they release an album I try to listen to it. I’m still kind of picky when it comes to their music, but I generally love it! My mom heard their song “Your Love Is A Lie” on the radio once when it first came out and immediately showed it to me and of course we had to download it off of iTunes. It’s a great song! Their best album to date is their 2004’s “Still Not Getting Any” and literally every song on it is just amazing! It surprises me how much punk rock I did like in my early teenage years that I let on. Apparently I liked rock music a little earlier before getting into Linkin Park in 2009!

The next is a duo called Purity Ring. I had plans to do an album review of “Another Enerality” back in early March but I feel like it’s a harder to write what you feel and hear in the EDM world. You would think it wouldn’t be, but for me it is. Anyways, the group is made up of Megan James and Corin Roddick and they’re from Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve listened to both albums and gosh, I am already addicted to them! So nice and calm. If you have a bad day and your head is spinning this is my only recommandation for you! To continue with unique sounds, Leah is a celtic symphonic metal singer. She released her new album “Kings & Queens” back in January and she is so amazing! It surprises me that she never really goes on tour to help promote her music, she mainly uses her social media accounts to her advantage. The only way I can explain of how I found her music was I went on a celtic/metal binge on Spotify and came across her first two albums and then came attached to her song “Remember” a little bit too much and bought in within a week later.

 Welcome To My Life РSimple Plan

Begin Again – Purity Ring

Enter The Highlands – LEAH