OOTD: Shades Of Gray and Pink


This time I swear it’s a OOTD post! The other one should have been too since I had three “Life Lately” posts going up for three weeks. I think the reason why I did it like that was because those type of posts are the only way I’m going to get things out at once. Usually when I release my frustrations on here in a post I tend to feel a LOT better. People can say “write them out in a notebook” but it never works out well. It’s like my thoughts freeze up on travel down to my foot. Thanks for the help though!

June is full of birthdays! My Aunt Laurie’s was Tuesday and my papaw’s was on Friday. According to my nana, he got a nice package in the mail full of music. To me, that’s like the perfect birthday gift! One year I got a total of six CDs. Nothing has been able to top it. Over the weekend, we went out to our hometown camping park, where we helped celebrate little Maci’s second birthday! I cannot believe she’s two! She was walking all over the place in her cute little sandals and she was talking a lot more. The cutest word she said was “puppy” and I’m not even kidding you! She was so cute! My mom, Blondie and I went out there and ate a little bit, visit with our friends, and watched Maci rip into the presents. We left just before she was about to rip into the cake!

When we left, we realized how much my legs didn’t agree with the sun. I kept getting little red marks along my knees, but Blondie thinks they were razor burns since my mom did shave me earlier. It was 93 degrees, I was going to get a little toasty! Trust me everytime my mom went to put me on the seat of my wheelchair it felt like I was sitting hot coal. If I felt sleepy at all before then I definitely wasn’t after that! When we got home, we met dad as he was about to take pork over to our neighbors for our Sunday suppers! The three of us girls went around the house to find the kittens! Wren’s kittens are slowly coming up to Blondie now so that’s a good sign. In each litter of kittens, we get a few that have little infections in their eyes. We had three of them do it this time and all three were from Midget’s litter! My mom got them some eye medicine the other day and I’m happy to say their eyes are doing so much better! Little Otis has hazel eyes which match his ginger coat very well! We didn’t stay out there too long before heading inside were it was cooler. Dad has its perks, when its blistering hot outside, you can rely on him to make sure the house is in the low 60’s.

We went over to the neighbors around 6:30 and dad fed me like always, he made shredded pork and Ju-Ju made the pea salad and mac & cheese! Apparently both of them had the same idea because dad said he almost made a batch too! After we were done, we watched everybody play pool and the twins came and ate, because Batman had to work the whole day and he was starving! Blondie ended up leaving early to go home to take a nap, and Batman and Rusty spent the end of the visit talking about sneakers and baseball. They even threw the ball a bit out back. Teresa, Sammy, Chey, and Chevy in her little truck came over too! We didn’t get to visit with them long because my mom has a scheduled bedtime on the days before she has to work. I got my hug from Chevy and a nice little kiss! Just before going inside, I went around the back porch to see the babies one last time because mom said they tend to get a little wild in the evenings. They kept running away from me but two: Penelope and Otis. Now that this cat can see, he’s very curious! As soon as I got to my place I was told to come inside because of the damn mosquitoes flying around. Only one bit me so that’s good. It was a fun time though!

My outfit is actually pretty old! Both items are that I’ve had for years! They each still fit well so that’s good. I wore the same shade of gray on both and didn’t realize until afterwards! My shirt has a pretty white design on it with little¬†rhinestones¬†everywhere in the front. My shorts, yes I wore shorts! Probably one of the smartest decisions too! They weren’t like short-short so they weren’t that bad but they’re a bit baggy on me as anything would on my tiny legs! Since it was a birthday party, my mom got Maci a glow pet and a nice little headband that has red, white and blue ribbons hanging down on the sides. I think the adults liked it more than she did! She kept throwing it off her head. Poor thing!