Picture It & Write: Inside Her Dreamscape (PG-13)

by Lily Little at flicker
by Lilly Little on flickr

She was happy and this was different for Rebecca as she was always working and practically married to her work, but when she got home everything was the same as it always had been.
But on this night, she laid in bed completely warm inside her blanket.
She drifted off, dreaming of nothing at first but then a mystery gentleman appeared out of nowhere, wearing black pants and a white shirt, looking sexy as hell!
She thought of every dirty thing she could think of as he walked along the narrow road in front of her.
As she changed her thoughts, the scenery changed to a bedroom.
She also appeared into the room and watched this man take off his clothes slowly one by one, it was like a movie of how slow everything was moving, but once his clothes were off his muscular body glinsed, no sparkly Edward Cullen here!
He was tan and shaped better than any other man she’s ever laid eyes on in a while!
Rebecca watched as he turned off all the lights and climbed into bed which oddly looked a lot like hers.
She appeared again totally unaware again–in a silk spaghetti strapped top–she was so close to him now, she felt his body heat and saw every muscle and vein in his amazing arms, she felt his hand touch the side of her shoulder ever so softly and the sensation instantly gave her goosebumps!
This is amazing, she thought.
He leaned into her and planted a gentle kiss onto her lips and his hand traveled down her body slowly across her sensitive skin and then everything went dark…

She woke up to a light that shined brightly outside her window, clutching the side of her bed as she turned around to find no crease in the spot next to her.
A bit of sadness washed over her face and as she realized it was all a dream and she woke up at worst of times.
She had awaken to the urge of wanting to be touched and pleasure but nothing could be done to satisfy her, at least nothing like what her mystery man could have done to her!
She rolled over again, trying to fall back asleep but nothing worked so she decided it was hopeless.
She grabbed a small plastic bag at the foot of her bed full of magazines she had bought the day before while at the store.
She flipped through the pages but nothing interested her and she kept thinking of those hands of the stranger in her dream and as she flicked the page again she stared down in shock at the hotness that glared upon the page.
The sexy man of her dream staring right back at her and his dark hair and eyes gleamed at her unknowingly that he’ll be entering her mind again soon.


5 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Inside Her Dreamscape (PG-13)

  1. Haha this was a fun read. It seems like she needs to please herself after that dream! 😉 I always wonder how often people fantasise with models or celebrities. It must happen a lot (or so fanfiction shows us). Thanks for contributing this week, Meghan!

    – Ermisenda

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  2. I was so with you up to the Edward Cullen ref, Meghan. Nothing sexy about dead things that want to eat me; not gonna lie, kinda.. kills my mood, eh? Otherwise, I think I’ve had this exact same dream! Isn’t it amazing how real it feels? Good job capturing the dilemma of trying not to recognize your bed! And as disgustingly gross as I think vampires are, it’s kind of cool the way your mystery man disappeared into “no crease beside her” like a vampire’s reflection in the mirror. Good [shudders uncontrollably] stuff.

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