Tune Tuesday: Ashlee Simpson


As some people were getting their kicks from Jessica Simpson, I waited and fell in love with her baby sister Ashlee Simpson! 

I wasn’t interested in Jessica’s music. I mean, sure she had some hits, but I think I liked maybe two or three songs total. I remember when I got Ashlee’s first album for either my birthday or Christmas, all I can remember is that I got it the same time as I got Lindsay Lohan’s first album. I have to say, I really loved Ashlee’s first album that I actually look forward for any new music from her. Especially if it’s in the pop-rock genre! My mom was really into her first album too! She mostly had it for five years in the kitchen and her car until bringing it back to me and when she gave it to me I had her put it in my stereo and it stayed in there for months! I didn’t watch her infamous SNL scandal, but I remember when my nana and I use to watch her on 7th Heaven. I really love everything about Ashlee! I’m still considered a pretty big fan of hers!

My favorite songs are: “Piece Of Me,” “Shadow,” “La La,” “Love For Me,” “Surrender,” “Boyfriend,” “L.O.V.E.,” “I Am Me,” “Invisible,” and “Outta My Head.”

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