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It is the end of another month! This is the last full week of May!! What the hell?!?! It wasn’t that long ago that I was excited for the new music that came out at the beginning of the month and now I’m getting excited for the first week of June! It’s insane of how quickly these past few months have gone and yet they don’t seem to go so fast when you’re sitting at home doing practically nothing. Our babies have been growing and become more aware of their surroundings, soon they’ll want to venture out beyond our backyard and into our front yard. That’s the stage of each all four of us dread, but they need to learn about cars sometime especially if some of them are going to become outside cats! All of them have names now. We have Otis, Tony, Gru, and Ozzy (who is our lone gray/white kitty!) and all four are basically staying at the house for the time being then you have the other two who will be going to their new homes: Victoria aka Tori and Taffy I think. We still haven’t seen Wren’s kittens yet and I’ll be honest I don’t want to, because my dad complains enough as it is!

During the Memorial weekend, I was in one of my moods again. I feel like I’ve become a bit more irritable when I’m around people. Usually I’m happy and all smiles, but I’ve definitely reached a point now where a lot of different things will bug me! To start off my mom was off for all three days and I actually had some things that I wanted to do while she was off, but we never did them. She wants to go through my closet and dig out shirts that I don’t want to wear anymore. This comes after telling her that I’ve been tempted to hide a few of them because she always picks the same ones and my dad trying to be a smartass thought it would be nice to call her out on it too, but he’s just as predictable about it than she is! If I knew what actually fit on me without it being too tight on me then I’d be able to say I want to wear this or that, but right now I have no clue!

On Saturday, my mom and dad went to Wal-Mart and they came back with a shirt that was covered in skulls and crossbones. I was so in love with it I could hardly breathe and then I looked at the neck and that put the oxygen back into my lungs. It was a V-neck. I can’t wear V-necks with my shoulders. That’s what happens when you have Arthrogryposis shoulders! She put it on me and it basically went right off my shoulders and I felt really exposed. My mom said she was going to get me a tank top instead but she thinks it wouldn’t stay up on my shoulders either. I’ve only had three tank tops in my life and I’ve only worn two of them at least once and they were all fixed to stay up on my shoulders by my nana! Her excuse is probably the tightness and I can’t help that! Sometimes when this happens I wish I lived in a nudist colony so I wouldn’t have to worry about wearing clothes at all but I don’t think I’d feel any more comfortable that way though!

I’m not saying all this to make my parents look bad! Every disabled person, especially young girls and women would understand this the most! Now to brighten up this post a bit, I do have a little OOTD for you from yesterday! I got my shirt from a close family friend and my sweatpants came from Wal-Mart last November. I only cropped off my head because my face looked awful. The next time my mom tells me to smile, I’m going to do it! I don’t know how to pose for these pictures honestly! I’d like to just do random poses like every other person can but when you sit in a wheelchair – although I didn’t have my seat belt on – I’m limited on how to arrange myself. My mom said I could do the “duck face” but I think that’s a pose that you have to be born with and I definitely wasn’t! Those pants are actually a tiny bit greener than this picture makes them out to be. They’re so bright that I think you could see me from a mile away! I don’t know that for sure but you would think so! My shirt is a Harley Davidson shirt and it is very thick! Not the most ideal shirt to wear outside on a very hot day. We made that mistake once and it’ll never happen again!

My sister’s boyfriend has been staying with us recently and it’s been kind of weird. I don’t have a problem with him or anything, but it’s just strange having a guy in our house. ChiChi loves it of course! My mom had to work Friday evening and my dad took me over to our neighbors to eat pork chops. The “twins” as I like to call them came over and ate too. Everybody finally got Batman up to play pool. He beat everybody but my dad. He beat Rusty, and he is difficult to beat! My mom has never been able to win a game against him yet. She played him Saturday night, she went to go over to grab a stick and Rusty cracked the balls and the eight ball went into the side corner and won the game! She never got to make a shot! I can’t wait for the day somebody gets my sister up there! It’ll only happen if she and mom went up against the guys. That’s the only way I see it happening!


Myself and Otis watching DWTS last week! He's so tiny!
Myself and Otis watching DWTS last week! He’s so tiny!
My nana's flowers that she got last year from my mom for Mother's Day I think!
My nana’s flowers that she got last year from my mom for Mother’s Day I think!
This is what my aunt and uncle got my nana for Mother's Day when they came down!
This is what my aunt and uncle got my nana for Mother’s Day when they came down!
My Uncle David took a picture of a Missouri sunset for me last week!
My Uncle David took a picture of a Missouri sunset for me last week!

3 thoughts on “Life Lately | Lime Green

    1. Thank you he and Ozzy are the only two tht will look right at you if you call them by their names!! Otis is also one of the smallest kittens we’ve ever had too, but he’s so cute with his little stripes. 😀


  1. Hey hope you’re well! 🙂
    Don’t worry that everything’s getting on your nerves, these things happen haha! I feel super irritated recently, I think I’m ready to move out of Uni and back home :’) Hopefully my family don’t annoy me too much :’)
    Otis looks so tiny! Such a cute photo of you both 🙂 xx

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