Album Review: “Into The Wild Life” by Halestorm

Three years ago, I did a review for female fronted rock band Halestorm’s second album, “The Strange Cases Of..” and it’s still one of my most viewed posts ever. I’ve been meaning to do this review since the album was released but I like to take my time analyzing every part of an album now. Halestorm released their third album, “Into The Wild Life” early last month. I have been looking forward to it since I heard they were actually working on new stuff. After hearing the first single, “Apocalyptic” I was immediately ready for the new album. I put out a tweet saying how good the song was and you’re never going to believe who tweeted me. Lzzy Hale herself and I didn’t even add the little “@” after her name or the band’s and I still got a tweet back! It was honestly the best day ever! If you’ve never heard of Halestorm before, you must be living under a rock if you haven’t! The band consists of Lzzy on vocals, guitar, and piano. Her brother Arejay on drums. Joe is the lead guitarist and Jay is bass guitar.

The album is totally different from their past records, this one seems to be more chill, almost bluesy in certain songs. I don’t this to sound weird, but it has a hippie essence to it. It’s just very interesting to me! The first song to start it off is called “Scream” and I love how this song has a slow intro to it and it kind of eases you into the album. I love the soft “oh oh ohs” at the beginning and I thought it would be a little bit heavier, but I kind of like how it’s not too! I love how at the end it gets softer in the riffs and Lzzy’s vocals. At the end of every song just eases you into the next one and I absolutely LOVE that! It’s like they all belong together and create one song! The next one starts out soft in the guitars and vocals, it’s called “I Am The Fire” and this was recently released as a single, but thought it was too slow and chill so I didn’t really like it, but now I do! The third song is a little bit heavier and its called “Sick Individual” and it was one of like three songs that I tried to picture of how it sounded and I was half right. It sounds like a true Halestorm song as far as lyrics go, but the sound is more mellow like the first song.

Next up is a song called “Amen” and I fucking love this song! Yes, I cursed! You know I really love a song when I do that! I really love the lyrics of this one than the actual sound which is interesting because you know I hardly do it that way! It’s another Halestorm type of song, it’s a little crazy but in a good way! After this wild song is their ballad that I found to be truly beautiful. It’s called “Dear Daughter” and it’s one that every girl or woman who has a daughter needs to listen to. The sound is not the ideal Halestorm song, it does have a guitar solo in all but it mostly uses a piano like their song “Break In” and at the end of this song has a very nice and gentle guitar, electric guitar, you can clearly hear an organ to drums play to the next song and I think this one is another favorite and I love the sound of it, it’s so chill. This one is called “New Modern Love” and it’s hard to pen point what I like the most about it. I actually love dancing to this one! That’s the first time I’ve ever said that before! “Mayhem” is the one song that I’ve been hearing about since summer 2014, people were talking about it because the band was performing it during their concerts and I forced myself to stay away and wait to hear a better quality of it. I ended up waiting to hear the song for basically six months but it was SO worth it! The song is flat-out awesome! A little mayhem never hurt anybody!

The next batch of songs were apart of the wondering game of how they were going to sound like the week before the album was out! “Bad Girl’s World” just sounds like it could sound like a heavier female version of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World” does it not? And I’ll be honest it does have the slow melody factor to it. I honestly wanted it to be heavy, but I love it this way too! It’s not bad, but just not my favorite right now! With the words such as “Gonna Get Some” you ultimately think it’s about sex or on the lines of that at least! It sounds like a heavy rock song and I don’t normally like sexual based songs but I will love the hell of them if Halestorm wrote them! I don’t know how that works but I’m not complaining! After this is another slower ballad, “The Reckoning” is a song that I got wrong sound wise and I have yet to figure out if I like it or not. The first single “Apocalyptic” is next and it’s another fucking awesome song! I’m really addicted to it! I know every word and will sing as loud as I can!

The last two songs are next. First up is a song called “What Sober Couldn’t Say” and I don’t know why but I thought this one would sound a little country, I actually wanted it to sound like a slower country-rock song. They went on tour with Eric Church, it could happen! Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like I wish it had and so I don’t really like this one. It’s got an interesting sound to it so maybe I’ll change my mind later on. The last song of the standard edition of the album is “I Like It Heavy” and this one is pretty great! I’m really happy that out of all of the slower songs on the record, this is somewhat heavy sounding! It’s another song that you could dance to! Towards 3:42 the tempo gets slower to almost disappears and it’s just Lzzy singing on her own and it’s really beautiful! That’s how I like an album to end, nice and easy!

On the deluxe edition, there are two more songs but I’m not adding them onto this post! This album as a whole I would give it a 7/10, it’s got a LOT of softer songs than their last two albums combined. Not all of them are bad, but if you like your music pretty heavy, this may not be the one for you! Have you listened to their new album yet? What did you think of it?