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I wasn’t going to do a “Life Lately” post for this month but I decided on it last minute after my sister went out last week and got some pictures with our new babies!! I find it weird that you’re getting this post concerning my life right now and next week I have my “Seen & Heard” of May. You get two reviews of what I’ve been up to in two weeks! How lucky can you get?

Well, I don’t know about you but I had a good Mother’s Day weekend. My mom had Saturday off but was on call all day Sunday and it rained/storm off and on for four days straight! My mom let me go outside Saturday afternoon. It had stopped raining and I kept hearing my sister say that Otis has been adventuring out from under the porch lately. I went out and nobody wanted to come out, but Stormy (who never wants anything to do with me unless he’s locked in my room) was very lovable to me! He came up to me twice and Midget licked my toe so I thought it was a good trip out. A little bit after that, my mom came out asking if I wanted to go our neighbors for a bit and I said “yes” and I went back inside but not without fighting the lazy bums blocking the door in front of me. We went over there and I got to see little Lily-Mae and she wasn’t in a playful mood but she did enjoy my newly painted toes! She and her mommy left after we got there and I got to see Chevy’s new toy truck. All of the adults are still trying to figure out if I could actually sit it in! She was in a semi happy/cranky mood. She perked up after they brought over the no-bake cookies. She and Sammy kept feeding them to me. I really enjoy my one-on-one time with both Chevy and her mommy Sammy. It’s kind of my normal “get out” thing. I don’t party like most my age but I’ll sit and chat about guys and their stupid decisions and tease a two-year old any day!

On Sunday, I didn’t write a big statement on any of my social media profiles like everybody usually does. My sister wrote hers on her instagram account, even though our mom doesn’t have one!! I didn’t say anything on Facebook for anybody because it’s became too much of a trend to post that kind of stuff on there. My mom knows I love her. It was weird though because on Thursday afternoon, my sister was in a big cleaning mood and that only meant one thing: Batman was heading down! She’s going to make the perfect housewife one day! He was coming down because he had a job interview down here and I’m happy to say he got the job! He stayed until Sunday afternoon, but he did something really sweet for my mom on Saturday. They went into town and when they came back he bought her a bouquet of different colored daisies!! It was the sweetest thing ever and totally surprised her!!

Last year, I remember texting my sister like the day before wondering what in the world we were going to do. This year, when my mom went to tuck me in (shut up!) for bed she’s the one that told me that Blondie and I had something planned. I was in the dark the whole time. I still don’t know what she got besides the card she had me write in! However, around 7am I was wide awake and my dad came in fully dressed like he’d been out and about for a while. He came in with a balloon and he said “here you can give this to your mom when she wakes up.” He was asleep before mom tucked me into bed so he couldn’t have known about everything unless my mom had something about it to him beforehand and she was asleep when we were awake so there. I felt so much better because knowing I didn’t have anything to give her besides a hug really bothered me. I gave her a hug anyways and didn’t drive her as crazy as I usually do on a daily basis so that was my gift to her! It stormed off and on again and so we didn’t go out that evening. We stayed inside watching Duggar specials that my sister apparently found on TLC. I cried like a baby from the middle to end of the “Decade Of Duggar Births” special.

This past week was pretty boring, I went to my nana’s house on Thursday and talked my head off. There are some days where I really do feel bad for my nana whenever I need time to vent. She recently got a new phone so she’s been attempting to learn how to use it and it was really weird trying to figure it out myself. I didn’t have anybody take a picture of my outfit of the day, but I wore my Of Mice & Men shirt that says “You’re Not Alone” on it. I think it’s becoming a favorite of my nana’s for some odd reason. I also had on my skull leggings I got from Body Central many moons ago. I’ve been slowly getting my TT posts done! I’m pretty proud of myself on how fast I’m getting them finished and scheduled. I’ve had to take some countries off my original list like Finland, because I don’t know any other acts from there. I have added a couple of different countries that I didn’t include last year so that’s a big plus!

So here are some pictures of our little kittens and a familiar face that decided to come around again! Hope everybody is enjoying their week! Oh, and the babies are all a month old now!

The pretty flowers that Batman got my mom!
The pretty flowers that Batman got my mom!
Little Otis
Little Otis
This one has no name at the moment, but I like
This one has no name at the moment, but I like “Felix” for it if it turns out to be a boy!
Miss Penelope!
Miss Penelope!
Bootsie and our oldest kitten of her litters. My mom said Wren has had babies too, but since we hardly ever see her anymore it'll be likely we'll be seeing them anytime soon!
Bootsie and our oldest kitten of her litters. My mom said Wren has had babies too, but since we hardly ever see her anymore it’ll be likely we won’t be seeing them anytime soon!


Spot the kitten!
Spot the kitten!

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  1. Aww your kittens are so tiny! They’re so cute! Sounds like you’ve been up to quite a bit recently! I hope your mum enjoyed Mother’s Day, hehe I like how you annoyed her less I’m the same XD I also don’t really like to write big messages on social media, I think mum would rather I told her or showed it in a different way 🙂 That’s so nice of Batman to get your mum daisies! They’re such pretty colours as well 🙂 And don’t worry about pestering your nan I’m sure she loves listening to whatever you have to say, even if it is to vent haha 🙂 We all need someone like that XD Hope you have a lovely weekend! 🙂 xx

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