My Spring Hot Topic Wishlist

The good thing about doing these fashion wishlists is that everything that you’ve picked out looks good online. At least that was my mindset for while I was working on the collage for this post. I thought about maybe picking out my favorite swimsuits that were really cheap, but then I backed out of it. I don’t know you might see it anyways! I’ve decided to do a little wishlist of my favorites on the Hot Topic website because I’ve been thinking of going shopping and since I haven’t been able to actually get out because of the constant weather changes, I thought I’d make a collage and maybe with a miracle I can go out and buy the ones I liked the most! All items are under $30 and I don’t even know how I did that because I wasn’t even looking at the price tags at first! So good for me!

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I am not the most girly girl in the world. I own a LOT of black colored clothing and I’ve never been shy about it because as every girl knows, black goes with everything! I also own too many band tees! Every time I go into Hot Topic I became this little kid that’s entered the candy store, but there’s no candy! As every girl and woman will want to do this spring/summer is try to get out of wearing darker shades of colors and into something brighter and fun! As much as I’d like to shed some of my dark clothes! I know that’s what I look good and feel comfortable in. I’ll be honest I had some good intentions going into this I promise and then it all fell apart!

I am a BIG fan of In This Moment. It was one of the first female fronted metal bands I got into several years ago, so when I saw this on the website I knew that this would be a must if I saw it in the store! I don’t own a ITM shirt yet and I’d like for this one to be my first as it’s the black and white version of their first single “Sick Like Me” cover. I love that song a lot! This shirt is priced at $22.50. The next one is another Of Mice & Men shirt. If I got this one, it would be my third. The price for this shirt is $15.99. Trust me, if you think that’s bad I found like three Paramore shirts and I’d like to have them all if I could! The next shirt can only be describe if my mom would give the look of “really?”  when she saw it, but it’s true and the price shows it at $22.50. Fourth shirt is another shirt that if I saw in the store, I’d buy instantly! I love me some bass! Sorry, I can’t help it. This is also priced at $22.50 as well!

The bottoms were difficult for me, because I think I’m more okay with showing off my arms than with my legs. So I still like to cover them up. The first pair of leggings is black with lace on the sides. I love black lace more than any color lace honestly. I feel it’s more sexy! They cost $26.50 and I’m hoping I got that right because at first I thought it said $36 instead! The next one was called purple galaxy even though on the website, they do NOT look even a tiniest shade of purple. All I see is like turquoise. However, I’ve always wanted some galaxy leggings! They look amazing on everybody else’s legs and I think I’d look pretty good in them too! These cost $19.50 which was less than I thought they would! You guys know how much I love my skulls! I have always wanted the bones of my waist to my legs for a few years too! They, again, look cool on everybody else. My turn? I think yes!! These leggings cost $26.50! My last one is a skirt. Yes, I said a skirt, the only way I’d get a skirt of any kind would be because it had some skulls on it. The price said its $22.50. As much as I like my legs covered up, I don’t like to be miserable in the hotter months, you know? So I thought this would be a good start in the right direction.

So what you think of my choices? If you like Hot Topic too, what is on your wishlist? Do you have any favorites that you’d like to get for spring/summer?