Tune Tuesday: Carrie Underwood


This week my focus is on Carrie Underwood!

I don’t normally talk about my love for country music on here. I talk about Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert, but that’s mainly for their good looks and hardly about their music. My sister and I can have common interests in fashion, guys, and music. However, when it comes to country music alone we are total opposites. She is more into male country singers whereas I love female country singers instead. The only female country singer she’s seemed to really like is Taylor Swift. She does like some of Ms. Underwood’s music but of course not as much as I do!

I didn’t watch Carrie on American Idol when she won her season, but I think my mom did because I remember her running into my room after it was announced. I do remember the first time I heard “Before He Cheats” it was on the bus. I rode the bus with a heavily influenced country boy and he basically got to control what we listened to, which is how I got into so much Taylor Swift in first place. Anyways, I loved the vibe Carrie’s song gave off, the sassy attitude of “you’re not going to get away with this” and my mom told me once that she couldn’t listen to that song without imaging me singing to it and apparently slashing tires and breaking headlights if a boy ever cheated on me. I do have a mini Louisville slugger baseball bat, so I don’t blame her for thinking about it.

I am a proud owner of her first two albums but I’ve never been able to like a whole album. I did a review of her album “Blown Away” which is still one of my reviews that people search for on here. I love Carrie’s range so much! She’s so much more than just a country singer, my dad said once that after she released her song “Blown Away” that it sounded like she was trying to sing like Whitney Houston, but I think she’s a little better than Ms. Houston! I know hardly anybody liked her as Maria von Trapp in the TV broadcast of “The Sound Of Music” but I loved it! It was totally different from Julie Andrews, but I think that’s the whole point of a role and a remake. You want to stay in that character, she did that, but she made it her own as well! Now that she’s a mom, I don’t think we’ll be hearing much from her and that’s okay with me! Let her enjoy motherhood for a while before heading back to the studio and world touring!

My favorite songs are: “Some Hearts,” “Starts With Goodbye,” “Wasted,” “Lessons Learned,” “Flat On The Floor,” “Get Out Of This Town,” “I Know You Won’t,” “Twisted,” “Undo It,” “Cowboy Casanova,” “Good Girl,” and “Two Black Cadillacs.”

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