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It is finally May! I know I’m a few days late on saying that, but this is my real post for the new month!┬áDuring the last week of April, not only did I get majority of this month’s posts scheduled and ready to go, I also got to go outside in our yard for three days straight. We actually had three days of gorgeous weather! My sister had our finals during that week, but only has two days of classes so whenever she came home she’d usually come home after her last class on Thursday and stay until Monday afternoon. So that Monday, she was out with me, making sure I wasn’t going to fall out of my wheelchair or drop my camera. I was SOOO excited to bring my camera out with me after getting the “ok” from my mom that I could go in the backyard with my chair. As much as she hates when my wheels go in the mud, we can’t dodge it forever! We also have the babies in the back porch, so if I want to see them up close I need to go back there. I was just thrilled to be in the yard again. This was my first time ever out with my camera too! I did what I knew I’d do: dodge the bees and wasps and take pictures of EVERYTHING in sight.

The first day I didn’t have my seatbelt on and I was quite happy about that! When you do everything with your feet and legs, seatbelts are your enemy honestly! As protective as they are to have, being able to hold your feet up in the air for a certain period of time without shaking is non-extinct. Not very many people would know that of course! Anyways, my mom has this beautiful dogwood tree in the front yard. I love it dearly! It’s my second favorite tree on our property. She likes to call it the “dwarf” tree because they were supposed to be huge! I say “they” because she did have two of them until my dad killed it with the weed eater one spring. She still hasn’t forgiven him for it, but now we have his flag in that area. On Monday and Tuesday, it was pretty breezy out so I had my jacket on. I had some troubles getting the white flowers on the tree as it the branches didn’t want to stay still for me! After I got a couple of pictures, I went to our backyard, rolling right into the scrapes of food my mom had thrown out for the birds! My mom was worried about mud and I roll right into our leftovers!

I had to holler a few times to get any of the older cats out of their hiding places. Midget and Bear-Bear were the first two to greet me when I came up to the porch. The only one that seemed to want to get petted was Bear-Bear. I’m happy to say he doesn’t try to attack me now! Grumpy and Stormy basically ignored me like always! Neither one like to get their pictures taken. Bootsie, Midget, and Bear-Bear were my stars for the whole three days. I tried to take some inside of the cage where the babies were, but the pictures turned out to be so dark and they were too far back in the cage that you couldn’t see them either! I tried to mediate while being outside Monday and Tuesday, it’s a thing that I try to do while I’m in the backyard. I always turn around to face the trees because I’ve had trouble explaining to my dad what I was doing. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any trouble with the bugs on both days, Tuesday was much cooler, it was nice enough where the bugs weren’t out as much. Wednesday was a different story, I only stayed outside for twenty minutes I think! I kept getting ate up by mosquitoes. One got me right on top of my foot. I still have a little red dot.

I have an aunt and uncle that travel all around the south and most of the Midwest because my uncle is a trucker. So they go on these trips to load and deliver. Almost every day, she posts a new picture on her Facebook. I’ve been trying to get her to create a blog but not having Wifi in the truck, she wouldn’t be able to update it a lot. She’s got all of these great pictures so I just decided to take a few and use them as my “headers” for these posts. I have no idea where this one posted above is from, but I do know this was one of my uncle’s takes. He mostly posts pictures of other semis so this is basically a rare treat from him. They don’t mind me using their pictures. I think my aunt feels pretty special whenever I use them! They like to go to the beach a lot and I have maybe two pictures I’ll be using on future installments, so don’t ask if I’ve been to Florida or the beach because I haven’t sadly! I’ve used my dad’s friend Shawn’s pictures for my banner photos in the past! He doesn’t mind it either! He’s gotten to the point where he asks me if I’ve been out taking pictures!

I had my mom get me some spring like colors the other day because I was needing it! I figured they’d bring them home, but they took them to my nana’s instead. I had to wait a whole week to actually use them. I actually like getting my toes done a lot more than my fingers, mostly because it’s so difficult to do my fingers than my toes. That’s one of the downsides of not being able to move your fingers around. They look like Easter colors; a coral shade (thought it was pink!) and lavender. I HATE the light shades of purple, but I really love it! Now here’s the bad part of this post. I’ve been looking forward to uploading those pictures and putting them in a post like this, but the SD card won’t work on my laptop. My sister tried it three times and it still wouldn’t load up for us. My nana and I were just discussing this the other day, because she can’t get her photos on her phone to upload to her Facebook anymore. It could be the phone or Facebook in general, because mine doesn’t hardly upload either. Anyways, we were talking about how she wants to get a digital camera instead of getting a new phone. I don’t think she should get a camera, because she wouldn’t get very good lighting in her house so her pictures would be very dark and blurry. Digital cameras are much more difficult to figure out how to use than a phone. Especially, if they don’t have a cord to plug-in into your laptop, just the SD card. Which is my problem at the moment! Okay, I’m done discussing that, I didn’t take these pictures, my sister did. So I hope you enjoy them until I get something figured out with my camera.

Little Gru. All gray except for his belly, paws and nose!
Little Gru. All gray except for his belly, paws and nose!


Penny and Otis.
Penny and Otis. They’ve had their eyes open for a couple of weeks now, but like Stormy, Grumpy, and Otis’ mommy Midget, little Otis has gunk in his eyes. We also think Midget’s kittens were pre-mies so they are tinier than Bootsie’s kittens!


Penny and Gru
Penny and Gru. These two are Blondie and Batman’s cats.