a7bee252bd112c01c8b7da4fd73b62b5Recently I read a nice little article on the HelloGiggles website. I hadn’t even read it, I shared it on my personal Facebook so that I could read it later that day. Well, I finally read it a couple days later and I thought it was a brilliant account of how a person feels about dealing with their acne. I’ve been trying to find my own words on how I feel about my own acne. Everything included in this piece are my own opinions. Don’t judge me too harshly!

I’ve always had acne, of course it came to me during my teenage years. I remember going to the doctor’s office asking her what to do about it. I was prescribed a couple of different medicines, but nothing really worked. Everytime we used the medicines we’d put it on two or three nights and then we’d stop. By the time I had made it into high school, we no longer used anything to treat my acne because there was no use in doing anything to it if we weren’t going to keep up with it. It wasn’t necessarily my parents fault for stopping, they hated it just as much as I did. My dad always tries to pops them once they get to a certain size, it is so painful and that’s usually when I get very mad that we don’t use creams but by that time, it’s kind of too late to use anything!

My sister is probably the only one in our household that actually uses face masks and creams on a daily basis to get rid of hers. She also wears makeup on her face to help cover anything. I’m not sure if my dad uses anything for his, he just pops his zits. Another thing my sister and I got from our dad from birth was oily skin. My face has always been oily and I’ve actually finally accepted that as one of my many flaws. What really gets me though is that I don’t feel as self-cautious about my acne when I go out in public.  I’m more aware of it while I’m in bed. My face gets so itchy at night and the acne just flares up the more I scratch my face against my pillow because I’ve went and popped the ones before. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Now as an adult, I still deal with acne on a daily basis. They mostly form around my mouth, up the sides of my nose (sometimes even on my nose!) on the corners of my eyes, underneath the lower parts of my ears and lastly all around my chest. I’ll be honest out of these spots the most annoying places are on my upper lip and around my nose. While I deal with these issues, I still feel like acne is a natural thing every person deals with at some point in their lives. I don’t think our skin is out to get us. People think the bacteria in our skin is making our acne worse. I think plastering yourself with loads of makeup and creams is just as bad. I think being around the advertisements for different skincare products and makeup day after day is another form of peer pressure. If somebody has found a way to make their insecurities disappear, we all want in on it! I think I’d rather try to learn everything about myself and accept it rather try to get rid of it.