Seen & Heard | May


It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be June in several hours. It’ll be time for summertime weather, that is if its not already! Everybody has probably found their perfect bikini or will be getting one soon! Majority of the schools are done with graduations and the school year in general. And every college student and teacher will be looking for the nearest tequila bottle! Since it’s the last day of May, I thought I’d share another post of what I watched on TV and listened to on my Spotify this past month! I actually loved writing out what I had seen and heard throughout the month, it was probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! Now I understand why other bloggers do it too! I’ll try to figure out how to shorten this for next month I promise!

What I watched on TV:

May is the month where like December, all of your fall shows go off the air for the season. I had quite a bit of shows ending their seasons and series too. I heard that both Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter were renewed for new seasons on ABC, but not my favorite new show Forever. I thought it was pretty ironic that the film Age of Adaline was doing so great at the box office and people were loving it to pieces and saying it was a “classic” and a TV show with the a similar storyline was cancelled. Anybody agree with me? After finishing up the season finale, I really want to know what Jo reaction was like after Henry tells her the truth! Plus, if there is other immortal(s) like Henry and Adam? There are a few unanswered questions I desperately want to know! I also feel extremely guilty though because throughout the whole season, I wasn’t watching it live with everybody else. I was recording it on my DVR because it was so late night. Even though I would stay up late at that same time to listen to my headphones before attempting to go to bed. Who knows they could’ve needed one more viewer to be renewed and my iPod was more important to me.

Oh, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals had their season finales in the second week of the month. I feel like this season of TO for Klaus, his character has kind of being one of my least favorite characters. He doesn’t seem like the big bad villain anymore like he was for season three and four of TVD. We saw the return of Esther and Finn in the last episode of season one, but we didn’t know that Kol had made a deal with Esther too! Rebekah switched bodies with a witch who was trapped in a spell controlled house. She discovered her long-lost sister (who I swore was a boy in the season three plot of TVD by the name of Aron!) Freya. She brought Finn back to life and Klaus turned Esther into a vampire. Everybody found out the real reason why Esther wanted Klaus and Hayley’s daughter Hope. On Vampire Diaries, we have a happy ending for Bamon fans, but bad, bad ending for Alaric and Elena. Also, after Caroline made Stefan fall off the deep end Damon brings back their mother from a 1903 world made by none other Gemini coven! So explains Stefan’s inner ripper personality!

What else though? I’m slowly crossing off different movies I wanted to watch last year like X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Guardians Of The Galaxy. Yeah, I was so freaking happy when I found those floating around on our movie channels. Bad part was I don’t know which one I liked one better. I recorded the first X-Men movie and 8 Mile too! I hadn’t seen either movie as a whole or uncensored before. It is very weird seeing Anthony Mackie act as though a villain. I’m used to him making everybody laugh, you know? I decided to cross off another movie that I feel like everybody’s seen but me. I finally watched Girl, Interrupted and I have to say it was my second film with Angelina Jolie that I’ve seen. She’s a beautiful, mysterious woman but I have been really picky with watching movies with her in them. Lastly, I recorded the documentary Kurt Coabin: Montage of Heck and considering I don’t listen to a lot of punk rock music, I was really interested in learning more about Kurt and Nirvana. It was a very enlightening film and it only took me three days to finish it!

I’ve been obsessing over the show Ancient Aliens. That’s a part of my papaw kicking in! My sister used to like ghosts and haunting stories, I but now she hates it. I use to hate stories of both ghosts and aliens and I love every part of alien conspiracies!I I could do without the ghosts myself too! Speaking of history, I’ve been thinking of how there’s not that many dinosaur based movies, especially for kids. I grew up on the Land Before Time films. I was Team Little Foot and Ducky! So if I find any child generated dinosaur films out there, I might actually watch it. Which leads me into saying I found Walking With Dinosaurs 3D so amazing! Totally kid proof, but has a bit of animal-like behavior as far as two males fighting for alpha violence going on in it. While you are watching, whenever a different dinosaur comes onto the scene it’ll pause for a second and it’ll introduce you to it basically, what it is called and whether or not it was a meat eater! It’s so cute and yes, I almost cried!

Moving on off the kid section! I found How Stella Got Her Groove Back and I remember watching this movie on Qxygen a LONG time ago! I love Whoopi Goldberg’s character in it and I did develop a small crush on Taye Diggs because of this movie. I taped Bessie and it was pretty good! I really like Queen Lalitfah and Mo’Nique as “Bessie Smith” and “Ma Rainey” and I didn’t know both characters were real people! I thought it would something like Dreamgirls, the characters be inspired by different singers of the 1920’s era. I also found Wanda Skyes: Ima Be Me and oh my! I’ve never laughed my butt off more than watching her stand up comedy! As part of my inner child, I found and squealed when I found 101 Dalmatians (the animated version) on ABC Family as part of their Fun Day Sundays! I didn’t tape it, but I watched the two hour season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it was SO awesome! That ending has got me on the edge of my seat. I want to know what’s gonna happen, but unfortunately we gotta wait until the fall (god help me!). Dancing With The Stars also finished for the season too! Very happy for Rumer and Val. I voted for all of them actually because my mom and I were in agreement that we couldn’t pick just one to win it all, you know? As one show ends, another one begins. In the middle of June, my favorite summer show Mistresses comes back and I am, oh so excited!! I’ve missed these ladies!

During the last week of May, I found the movie Queen Of The Damned and I have to say that I’ve never seen it as a whole or unedited until now. That Stuart Townsend looked like Robert Pattinson’s twin!! Sorry, but he did! I thought it was very weird since I’ve never watched it because I thought it would be too bloody/scary for me, but honestly Vampire Diaries and The Originals are more bloody than what this movie was. I loved Aaliyah as “Akaska” and felt sad that it was released six months after her death. I was very proud of myself for getting through it in one piece. I also recorded the new version of Godzilla as that’s another film that I’ve never seen before! When it came out, I heard mixed reviews. I think I had advantage because I’ve never seen the original before. I do find it weird that the two actors/actress in the movie play a pair of twins in the new Avengers movie! I want to see a movie with Elizabeth Olsen in it and I think this is my best bet.

What I listened to:

During the last week of April, even after I had published last month’s edition of this post, I was STILL adding songs to my Starred list. The first song I added was while I was working on May’s latest installments of Tune Tuesday, I found Ashlee Simpson’s “Invisible” and it still gives me the same feels as it did so long ago! I’ve been listening to David Guetta’s “Hey Mama” for the last few months but I finally put it back up on my Starred after I rekindled my love for it! This next song isn’t anything new, but it’s a good song nonetheless! I’ve been hearing Blake Shelton’s version on TV for the past couple of weeks and as I was searching for music on Spotify, I found the original. The song is called “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. It’s a classic that everybody seems to enjoy every now and then!

I can finally say I like Omi’s song “Cheerleader” but only the Felix Jaehn remix though! It’s got a great beat and makes me want to dance! I am really into anything that sounds unique and this next song is it for me! It’s “Higher” by Sigma featuring Labrinth. It’s so good, but also another one I was in denial about too! I watched and loved the Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary special, reining champs Alfonso and Witney danced to Pitbull’s new song “Fun” featuring Chris Brown. They didn’t use the original vocals, they had a female singer for Chris’ part and for a few days I liked it that way better, but then I knew I wouldn’t find it as good with a female singer like it was on the show so I caved in and now I love the original version!

My cousin Kristi sent me a text not too long ago, asking me a simple question. “Have you listened to the new Hollywood Undead album yet?” Sadly at the time, I hadn’t but I had heard the title track and I have been addicted to it! She gave me her thoughts of it in the span of two days and then I had to listen to it. I still haven’t listened to it all yet, but I will. Major Lazer has had a great month of May with me. I recently switched their song “Roll The Bass” places because it was placed at February, but I have been wanting to hear it more often so I unchecked it on purpose and put it back up on the Starred list. I’m very hooked to this song! Speaking of February, my mom had taped Jimmy Fallon one Wednesday night on my DVR. It was weird, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw it there and read who was on the episode and found out that she had literally recorded it for me, but not for my normal guests. I used to be REALLY into rap music several years ago, every once in a while I’ll revisit those days, well the group G-Unit were the musical guests and well, I finally remembered to look up the song they performed but I ended up liking another one on their EP instead. I’m not going to lie, it’s very refreshing to hear Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo voicing through my headphones again!

In another future installment of Tune Tuesday, this one going up next month! I found a new band and they’re called Forever Still. You’ll find out more about them on 5/16 so keep an eye out! I added their songs “Scars” and “Miss Madness” to the playlist. While watching the second to last episode of TVD, they included a song called “Dance Me to the End of Love” by The Civil Wars and it is so gorgeous! Another Major Lazer song I’ve recently added was their new track “Too Original” I had seen this one floating around on Twitter, thanks to Diplo but I waited until that Tuesday to actually hear it! It is so different and brilliant! THANK GOD TOMORROW IS THE FIRST!!

I’ve been hearing either the very beginning or the end of this next one but I never usually finished it until of course I added it to my playlist. Martin Garrix might be around my sister’s age but his music is amazing! Even though at first I wasn’t exactly feeling this song because I didn’t like Usher’s vocals on it! I still don’t actually! I think the song “Don’t Look Down” sounds great, I just would’ve liked another singer I think! I’ve never been so happy when my favorite radio stations play music from other countries. It gives a chance to some of these artists/bands music to be heard here in the US! Amaranthe is one of these bands. They’ve released two albums before this one and it’s been great hearing their singles being played on Sirius XM Octane and everybody is loving them too! They released their new single “Digital World” in the middle of May. It’s so freaking good! Two other bands that got their start on Octane are Burnos, which is a female fronted band and their new song is called “Syndrome of Decay” and the other is Like A Storm’s “Become The Enemy” I just love both sounds of the songs! So dramatic and powerful! Just the way I like it!

I’ve been bringing back Celine Dion and brokeNCYDE onto my Starred list. They’re like three or four days apart from each other. I was in a mood! Varien is an EDM artist that released a new song called “Aether and Light” and you’ll be hearing my thoughts about that next month! I love covers as much as I love remixes, but rock covers of pop songs can get annoying sometimes. I dare you to hear Shaman’s Harvest cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” oh my goodness gracious! It is literally the sexiest song I’ve heard in a while no joke! Speaking of remixes, DJs are having fun remixing Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” the best I’ve heard was Diplo/Grandtheft and Flosstradamus. Last week, I found out that Christina Aguilera was going to be apart of the Finding Neverland soundtrack and Spotify had the single on her profile already, it’s called “Anywhere But Here” and it is a beautiful ballad! Since DWTS is done for the season, I went on a hunt for some of the songs used for the dances. I found Noah and Sharna’s song used for the dance that judge Carrie Ann Inaba pictured for them, it’s “Unstoppable” by E.S. Posthumus. I also found the track used for Riker and Allison’s paso double dance, it’s “He’s A Pirate” by Klaus Bandit.

I’ve been slowly trying to listen to Tove Lo’s album “Queen Of The Clouds” and so far I’ve been having a good time finding new songs to like. I found her first song of the album, “My Gun” is pretty great! It won’t be long before I’ve learned all of the words to that one. They’re a couple of songs that I’ve been hearing on my TV lately. I found the first while listening to Jenna Marbles radio show on Sirius XM Hits 1 and it’s Jess Glynne’s “Hold My Hand” and I feel like it’s got a nice dance, disco-y feel to it. It’s hard to explain, but at first I didn’t like as much as I do now! On Sirius XM Venus which plays mostly dance/pop/R&B music. A new artist by the name of Manika has a song called “B.Y.O. Bugatti” and again, I didn’t like it at first because I thought it sounded very chaotic. I still think that during the verses but it’s not that bad. I’ve been listening to Krewella’s “Somewhere To Run” like religiously now! I’m hooked! I’ve talked about Phoebe Ryan in last month’s post but I really like her mashup of R.Kelly’s “Ignition” and another song that I haven’t heard before but I think it’s called “Do You” but I’ve never had a thing to want to hear the original version of “Ignition” until now!

The other day I was on Spotify and I kept wondering about Willow Shields and Mark Ballas’ Disney dance because they had performed it one last time during the finale of DWTS. So I found it on Spotify and I kept picturing them doing the dance in my head and that, of course became a tweet and I put both of their usernames in it and within five seconds later it blew up. I had to refresh the page about three times because it kept getting retweets and favorites from other people. I was completely confused until I went to see who had RT it first and it was Willow! I was royally confused in the beginning because I didn’t have enough room to add the DWTS hashtag at the end, but apparently I didn’t need it! My mom was at work that night and it happened she got home, so I had to wait to show her when she got up that afternoon! She thought it was pretty cool too! Okay, enough of that I found Sia’s “Elastic Heart” with The Weeknd and Diplo. Yes, I like it purely because Diplo is apart of it bite me! Last two I swear! I’ve been on a Hardwell kick lately and I’ve been loving “Colors” featuring Tiesto and Andreas Moe a lot! I listened to his “United We Are” album and I found another a good song called “Sally” featuring Harrison. It’s different and I love it!

All right, so I’m done for the month of May! What all have you watched and listened to in the last month? That is, if you can remember everything that’s happened recently. 

EP Review: “All In” by Hysterica

As part of last year’s Tune Tuesday travels, we “traveled” to Sweden and I shared my love of the all female heavy band called Hysterica! I have listened to their last two albums and genuinely love their sound and as much as I love female fronted bands, I have never listened to an ALL girls band and liked them this much! The band consists of lead vocalist Anni De Vil, Bitchie on guitars, Satanica on bass, and Helln’ on drums. I’ve been looking forward to this new EP, and so when I saw that it was out last month, I wondered if us in the states would get it too. Luckily, a few weeks ago I went on my Spotify and found it on their profile.

The first song is called “Lock Up Your Son” and I am really glad that it’s got this mysterious beginning and suddenly it gets very heavy! Anni’s vocals are really good, meshes well with the sounds of the guitars and drums. Anni’s harsh vocals have gotten better and I’m so glad about that! She didn’t really do them in the first album, but with the second she did and it wasn’t the best I’ve heard. So to find out through this EP that they’re more powerful, it’s so awesome! Anyways, the second song is the title track “All In” and it sounds so good! I love how the guitars sound in this one the most! I love the chanting of “all in” at the end of the choruses! Always something fun to add into a song I think! Definitely a good song to sing along to during their live shows! It gets kind of soft towards the middle and has a nice somewhat gentle guitar solo at the end.

The next one is called, “Free Me” and it is a slower at the beginning and as Anni starts to sing everything kind of dies down but then picks back up. Honestly, there are a lot of elements to this one that I should like, but right now I don’t. So moving on to the next one and it’s called, “You’ll Remember My Name” and boy! I love how this one sounds so much! It’s so heavy and mighty! You know after a while you tend to forget that these are all females making this sound. Everybody is so used to seeing males guitarists and drummers, but these women have perfected their craft so well! That’s why it’s so important to listen to the music and not go by who is the one making it. I could have been fine if this one was an instrumental. As much as I love Anni’s vocals on this one too, I would’ve still liked an instrumental of this one! Last song is called, “Ease My Mind” and it starts off with an acoustic guitar with Anni’s beautiful voice! It’s really nice and clean.This could be another favorite of mine!

Life Lately | Lime Green



It is the end of another month! This is the last full week of May!! What the hell?!?! It wasn’t that long ago that I was excited for the new music that came out at the beginning of the month and now I’m getting excited for the first week of June! It’s insane of how quickly these past few months have gone and yet they don’t seem to go so fast when you’re sitting at home doing practically nothing. Our babies have been growing and become more aware of their surroundings, soon they’ll want to venture out beyond our backyard and into our front yard. That’s the stage of each all four of us dread, but they need to learn about cars sometime especially if some of them are going to become outside cats! All of them have names now. We have Otis, Tony, Gru, and Ozzy (who is our lone gray/white kitty!) and all four are basically staying at the house for the time being then you have the other two who will be going to their new homes: Victoria aka Tori and Taffy I think. We still haven’t seen Wren’s kittens yet and I’ll be honest I don’t want to, because my dad complains enough as it is!

During the Memorial weekend, I was in one of my moods again. I feel like I’ve become a bit more irritable when I’m around people. Usually I’m happy and all smiles, but I’ve definitely reached a point now where a lot of different things will bug me! To start off my mom was off for all three days and I actually had some things that I wanted to do while she was off, but we never did them. She wants to go through my closet and dig out shirts that I don’t want to wear anymore. This comes after telling her that I’ve been tempted to hide a few of them because she always picks the same ones and my dad trying to be a smartass thought it would be nice to call her out on it too, but he’s just as predictable about it than she is! If I knew what actually fit on me without it being too tight on me then I’d be able to say I want to wear this or that, but right now I have no clue!

On Saturday, my mom and dad went to Wal-Mart and they came back with a shirt that was covered in skulls and crossbones. I was so in love with it I could hardly breathe and then I looked at the neck and that put the oxygen back into my lungs. It was a V-neck. I can’t wear V-necks with my shoulders. That’s what happens when you have Arthrogryposis shoulders! She put it on me and it basically went right off my shoulders and I felt really exposed. My mom said she was going to get me a tank top instead but she thinks it wouldn’t stay up on my shoulders either. I’ve only had three tank tops in my life and I’ve only worn two of them at least once and they were all fixed to stay up on my shoulders by my nana! Her excuse is probably the tightness and I can’t help that! Sometimes when this happens I wish I lived in a nudist colony so I wouldn’t have to worry about wearing clothes at all but I don’t think I’d feel any more comfortable that way though!

I’m not saying all this to make my parents look bad! Every disabled person, especially young girls and women would understand this the most! Now to brighten up this post a bit, I do have a little OOTD for you from yesterday! I got my shirt from a close family friend and my sweatpants came from Wal-Mart last November. I only cropped off my head because my face looked awful. The next time my mom tells me to smile, I’m going to do it! I don’t know how to pose for these pictures honestly! I’d like to just do random poses like every other person can but when you sit in a wheelchair – although I didn’t have my seat belt on – I’m limited on how to arrange myself. My mom said I could do the “duck face” but I think that’s a pose that you have to be born with and I definitely wasn’t! Those pants are actually a tiny bit greener than this picture makes them out to be. They’re so bright that I think you could see me from a mile away! I don’t know that for sure but you would think so! My shirt is a Harley Davidson shirt and it is very thick! Not the most ideal shirt to wear outside on a very hot day. We made that mistake once and it’ll never happen again!

My sister’s boyfriend has been staying with us recently and it’s been kind of weird. I don’t have a problem with him or anything, but it’s just strange having a guy in our house. ChiChi loves it of course! My mom had to work Friday evening and my dad took me over to our neighbors to eat pork chops. The “twins” as I like to call them came over and ate too. Everybody finally got Batman up to play pool. He beat everybody but my dad. He beat Rusty, and he is difficult to beat! My mom has never been able to win a game against him yet. She played him Saturday night, she went to go over to grab a stick and Rusty cracked the balls and the eight ball went into the side corner and won the game! She never got to make a shot! I can’t wait for the day somebody gets my sister up there! It’ll only happen if she and mom went up against the guys. That’s the only way I see it happening!


Myself and Otis watching DWTS last week! He's so tiny!
Myself and Otis watching DWTS last week! He’s so tiny!
My nana's flowers that she got last year from my mom for Mother's Day I think!
My nana’s flowers that she got last year from my mom for Mother’s Day I think!
This is what my aunt and uncle got my nana for Mother's Day when they came down!
This is what my aunt and uncle got my nana for Mother’s Day when they came down!
My Uncle David took a picture of a Missouri sunset for me last week!
My Uncle David took a picture of a Missouri sunset for me last week!

Tune Tuesday: Ashlee Simpson


As some people were getting their kicks from Jessica Simpson, I waited and fell in love with her baby sister Ashlee Simpson! 

I wasn’t interested in Jessica’s music. I mean, sure she had some hits, but I think I liked maybe two or three songs total. I remember when I got Ashlee’s first album for either my birthday or Christmas, all I can remember is that I got it the same time as I got Lindsay Lohan’s first album. I have to say, I really loved Ashlee’s first album that I actually look forward for any new music from her. Especially if it’s in the pop-rock genre! My mom was really into her first album too! She mostly had it for five years in the kitchen and her car until bringing it back to me and when she gave it to me I had her put it in my stereo and it stayed in there for months! I didn’t watch her infamous SNL scandal, but I remember when my nana and I use to watch her on 7th Heaven. I really love everything about Ashlee! I’m still considered a pretty big fan of hers!

My favorite songs are: “Piece Of Me,” “Shadow,” “La La,” “Love For Me,” “Surrender,” “Boyfriend,” “L.O.V.E.,” “I Am Me,” “Invisible,” and “Outta My Head.”

Album Review: “Into The Wild Life” by Halestorm

Three years ago, I did a review for female fronted rock band Halestorm’s second album, “The Strange Cases Of..” and it’s still one of my most viewed posts ever. I’ve been meaning to do this review since the album was released but I like to take my time analyzing every part of an album now. Halestorm released their third album, “Into The Wild Life” early last month. I have been looking forward to it since I heard they were actually working on new stuff. After hearing the first single, “Apocalyptic” I was immediately ready for the new album. I put out a tweet saying how good the song was and you’re never going to believe who tweeted me. Lzzy Hale herself and I didn’t even add the little “@” after her name or the band’s and I still got a tweet back! It was honestly the best day ever! If you’ve never heard of Halestorm before, you must be living under a rock if you haven’t! The band consists of Lzzy on vocals, guitar, and piano. Her brother Arejay on drums. Joe is the lead guitarist and Jay is bass guitar.

The album is totally different from their past records, this one seems to be more chill, almost bluesy in certain songs. I don’t this to sound weird, but it has a hippie essence to it. It’s just very interesting to me! The first song to start it off is called “Scream” and I love how this song has a slow intro to it and it kind of eases you into the album. I love the soft “oh oh ohs” at the beginning and I thought it would be a little bit heavier, but I kind of like how it’s not too! I love how at the end it gets softer in the riffs and Lzzy’s vocals. At the end of every song just eases you into the next one and I absolutely LOVE that! It’s like they all belong together and create one song! The next one starts out soft in the guitars and vocals, it’s called “I Am The Fire” and this was recently released as a single, but thought it was too slow and chill so I didn’t really like it, but now I do! The third song is a little bit heavier and its called “Sick Individual” and it was one of like three songs that I tried to picture of how it sounded and I was half right. It sounds like a true Halestorm song as far as lyrics go, but the sound is more mellow like the first song.

Next up is a song called “Amen” and I fucking love this song! Yes, I cursed! You know I really love a song when I do that! I really love the lyrics of this one than the actual sound which is interesting because you know I hardly do it that way! It’s another Halestorm type of song, it’s a little crazy but in a good way! After this wild song is their ballad that I found to be truly beautiful. It’s called “Dear Daughter” and it’s one that every girl or woman who has a daughter needs to listen to. The sound is not the ideal Halestorm song, it does have a guitar solo in all but it mostly uses a piano like their song “Break In” and at the end of this song has a very nice and gentle guitar, electric guitar, you can clearly hear an organ to drums play to the next song and I think this one is another favorite and I love the sound of it, it’s so chill. This one is called “New Modern Love” and it’s hard to pen point what I like the most about it. I actually love dancing to this one! That’s the first time I’ve ever said that before! “Mayhem” is the one song that I’ve been hearing about since summer 2014, people were talking about it because the band was performing it during their concerts and I forced myself to stay away and wait to hear a better quality of it. I ended up waiting to hear the song for basically six months but it was SO worth it! The song is flat-out awesome! A little mayhem never hurt anybody!

The next batch of songs were apart of the wondering game of how they were going to sound like the week before the album was out! “Bad Girl’s World” just sounds like it could sound like a heavier female version of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World” does it not? And I’ll be honest it does have the slow melody factor to it. I honestly wanted it to be heavy, but I love it this way too! It’s not bad, but just not my favorite right now! With the words such as “Gonna Get Some” you ultimately think it’s about sex or on the lines of that at least! It sounds like a heavy rock song and I don’t normally like sexual based songs but I will love the hell of them if Halestorm wrote them! I don’t know how that works but I’m not complaining! After this is another slower ballad, “The Reckoning” is a song that I got wrong sound wise and I have yet to figure out if I like it or not. The first single “Apocalyptic” is next and it’s another fucking awesome song! I’m really addicted to it! I know every word and will sing as loud as I can!

The last two songs are next. First up is a song called “What Sober Couldn’t Say” and I don’t know why but I thought this one would sound a little country, I actually wanted it to sound like a slower country-rock song. They went on tour with Eric Church, it could happen! Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like I wish it had and so I don’t really like this one. It’s got an interesting sound to it so maybe I’ll change my mind later on. The last song of the standard edition of the album is “I Like It Heavy” and this one is pretty great! I’m really happy that out of all of the slower songs on the record, this is somewhat heavy sounding! It’s another song that you could dance to! Towards 3:42 the tempo gets slower to almost disappears and it’s just Lzzy singing on her own and it’s really beautiful! That’s how I like an album to end, nice and easy!

On the deluxe edition, there are two more songs but I’m not adding them onto this post! This album as a whole I would give it a 7/10, it’s got a LOT of softer songs than their last two albums combined. Not all of them are bad, but if you like your music pretty heavy, this may not be the one for you! Have you listened to their new album yet? What did you think of it?