Seen & Heard | April

I usually try to stay away from what others do on their blogs but sometimes when you’re in a rut, you gotta break loose. I’m combining two posts in one, what I’ve watched and what I’ve listened in the past month. The only bad part is that anything “new” that I’ve watched and/or recorded I may have already deleted so I might be forgetting a couple of things. I’m also only talking about the songs I have on my Starred list on my Spotify because if I figure out what I’ve been listening to all this month, I think I might drive myself insane!

What I’ve Watched:

In our house, we have four hoppers I think but two DVRs. One in the living room and the other is in my room. If my mom wants to tape something on the DVR in her bedroom, it would go on the living room. If my sister wanted to record something it would go in my room,. but now my parents have done something so that their stuff from their bedroom gets recorded on my DVR. So I’ve been recording my dad’s food shows like Bizarre Foods and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on my TV. He also likes to tape the weirdest movies too! If I get a random recording while he’s asleep, there’s a good chance he’s the one who set it up. However, my mom set up to record Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief on HBO. Which surprised the crap out of me, but I still managed to watch a little bit of it. While I was waiting for it to start though, the channel had shown the trailer for Frank Sinatra: All or Nothing At All documentary for the next weekend. I recorded the movie Jersey Boys which is a movie I’ve been looking forward to seeing for a while, but I have to say I loved this documentary!

I was really surprised with myself on how much I actually liked it. I thought it would be like a two-week kind of deals, because it had a part one and two, so I didn’t bother in seeing when the next part would actually air. My mom was smart, she taped part two the next day. It took me I think four days to get through part one and I think maybe six for part two. I never gave up on it, but since it was so long it did take me a bit to finish. My mom is finally starting to watch it now. We both agree that he was very good looking! Something else that got me was of how much of his music I’ve actually heard! I saw that as a good thing! I’ll tell you what I told my dad, I’m not just a rock n roll chick, I have a weakness for anything bluesy or jazz. I blame my papaw for that one too! I told my nana the other day that I’ve been noticing a lot of hit songs that have been coming out recently, have been including the horns section, like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Jason Durelo’s “Talk Dirty” maybe people are missing real instruments in their music? Just an honest opinion.

I also watched the Backstreet Boys documentary that was on VH1 and I also recorded a mini concert of theirs along with Ellie Goulding show too! I found Transformers: Age of Extinction on our movie channels, and yes, I’ve seen it but i wanted to have it on my DVR too! I recorded the movie Gimme Shelter whenever we had a free weekend! That was such a great, beautiful movie! An ideal movie for when you want a good cry and I know I’ve already talked about it already, but Vanessa Hudgens really surprised me with her performance! My mom recorded the movie Cruel Intentions and I found out something that I actually didn’t know, neither one of us have seen the movie before! I now understand why everybody likes it, but it is extremely weird to see a very young Ryan Phillippe. I can say I found X-Men: Days Of Future Past on HBO! I’ve been finding a lot of great stuff on HBO lately! I loved the movie, I did hold my breath towards the ending and shed a few tears here and there. And lastly, I found a new show to watch, which I feel I watched it for all the wrong reasons but I don’t care. I had to stay up til midnight on a Thursday night to watch a cartoon called Major Lazer. It wasn’t that bad. The first episode was called “Bad Seed” and it was about weed. i thought I felt more inexperienced while taking my first jello shot. This made me feel like an old geezer! The next week second episode was called, “Rave Island” and it was about raves, another “activity” that I have yet to experience. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome!

What I’ve Been Listening To:

I love, love, love, love listening to Sirius XM Hits 1 on Fridays. Why do you ask? Because Jenna Marbles hosts a show called YouTube15 it’s all music trending on YouTube! I’ve found quite a bit of new music from listening to it! One that really got me though was Max’s new song “Gibberish” featuring Hoodie Allen. I honestly have no idea how to explain why I love this song so much but I do! I want to say it could be the bass during the chorus sections but I’m basically all out of ideas on why it’s so good! This post is going to have a double dose of Major Lazer. This time it’s with DJ Snake and MØ. I’ve finally cracked and like their song “Lean On” and I kind of like–not a lot–slow, chill songs, It’s got a unique sound and that’s what I mainly like about it. Next song is rock band Of Mice & Men’s song “Never Giving Up” and this was another one that was difficult to get into at first. Austin sounds different in his yells and growls in this one. At least I think so!

I got into EDM around 2011, my mom, sister and I all got into different DJs and I must have a Dutch problem or something because both this and metal were started by Dutch musicians. Tiesto has a new song called “Secrets” with KSHMR and Vassy. I’ve been really trying to get back into Tiesto’s music again. He’s one of the best honestly!  The same day I found Hilary Duff had a new song out called “Sparks” and I have to say, it’s been taking me a while but it’s really catchy and good! It’s so nice to hear her voice again! A couple of days later, I found a song from the animated movie Home called “Feel The Light” by Jennifer Lopez. It’s so gorgeous! While I was out in the car with my mom and sister we heard a song play on the radio. She has a radio where it says what the song is called and who it’s by as its playing. Those things are the best invention ever! Anyways, it almost didn’t show up in time but it slowly loaded up and it was DJ Snake’s “You Know You Like It” featuring AlunaGeorge. Sadly I think I liked it when it was on the radio!

I found another great song that isn’t too overwhelmed in the whole dance-y tempo. Christina Grimmie’s “Cliche” is really good, nice little hip hop vibe  After only listening to her covers, this was refreshing for me! Steve Aoki and Linkin Park are back with a collaboration called “Darker Than Blood” and I was less than pleased! Definitely not a favorite of mine, but it’s still on my Starred list. Another favorite DJ of mine was apart of the original four I got into back in 2011. Kaskade released a new song called “Never Sleep Alone” and I found that one on Sirius XM BPM during their Coachella airings. It’s pretty good! I haven’t enjoyed a good Kaskade in a while. These next two were on my denial list. I am still undecided about how I feel about Matt Walst being a permanent singer in his brother’s band Three Days Grace, but he really makes “Human Race” really good! I can’t imagine Adam’s vocals on it. Last one is Carly Rae Jepson’s “I Really Like You” and it feels like a part two of her hit song “Call Me Maybe.” The chorus really, really annoyed me, but now I actually like it because it’s so damn catchy!

The next batch of songs were added on after I had decided I was finished with this post, I knew I’d find more before the start of May, but not this fast! I’m hoping to have an album review of both Halestorm and Kamelot’s soon! I honestly wasn’t into Kamelot’s first single, but now that I’ve heard of “Insomnia” I literally can’t wait for the release day next week! The song is everything I love about progressive/symphonic metal, so dramatic and powerful! The next one is Cash Cash’s “Take Me Home” with BeBe Rexha. I heard it on Sirius XM BPM and I had to add it to my Spotify immediately. I almost know all of the words to it already! I finally caved in and like a Steve Aoki song, it’s “Love It When You Cry” featuring Moxie. I’ve been hearing for several weeks now, but I’ve just added it. So catchy and makes you wanna sing along! This next one I heard a few weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to look it up. It’s “Mine” by Phoebe Ryan. It’s got a dark and unique beat and I love her voice! Last Saturday I went on a new music spree and found quite a few new female artists, including Chelsea Lankes’ “Ghost” the intro got to me! The next songs I found them on BPM again, Mako’s “I Won’t Let You Walk Away” with Madison Beer and “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis and they are just amazing!

What did you watch and listen to in the month of April? Would you like to see me do this again for the end of May too?