Song Review: “Failure” by Breaking Benjamin

Am I the only one who is beyond happy that Breaking Benjamin is back together again? Granted, not all of the members are back…only Benjamin is the original member at the moment, but still I’m happy that the actual band is back on radio airways again. I have been one of those fans that ever since they started playing acoustic shows, I’ve been waiting for the words, “we’re back with a new song.” And when I heard it was released, in true Meghan fashion, it took me three days to finally find it on the radio and listened to it.

Everybody has favorite bands and singers that they wish they’d never change the direction of their music, as far as tone of the lyrics and sound. I’m not one of those people. I love change in music, that’s why I’ve been able to get into so many genres over the past several years. When I heard Breaking Benjamin was getting back together, I was hoping for a change in their music. I hate listening to the same sound over and over again. Their brand new song “Failure” is ultimately a failure to me. It sounds like their older stuff, like “Breath” and “So Cold” and I think it’s somewhat insulting to the former members to use the same tone of riffs on the guitars on their new songs. Although, I feel this I know that every true fan of BB will love this song and it will make a great comeback song for the band. I just don’t like it. Sorry not sorry!

What do you think? Does it sound like their older songs? Were you hoping they’d make a change in their music too?

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