100 Word Challenge For Adults – “April”


I didn’t do the last prompt, because nothing would come to me at all.. Actually nothing wanted to come for me everytime I went on here last week! This is an “easy” prompt, it’s just one word. Am I the only one who saw this word and instantly the song from Bambi started playing in your head?

Spring may start in March but nothing really blossoms and the temperature doesn’t warm up until the middle of April. This month makes me think of the color pink – not a hot pink, but a nice pastel shade The only way I can explain what I feel in this month is when a baby is born. Everything is new and things will slowly but surely change drastically. You want to get out and explore just like a newborn learning how to crawl. The sun is warm like a mother’s embrace and the smell of BBQ is better than baby food.

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