Tune Tuesday: Joy Williams


That name might not be in your iPod, but the group she was in with fellow singer-songwriter John Paul White called The Civil Wars. Do you remember them now? The female and male duo that basically dominated the Grammy’s back in 2012 and 2013. Everybody that I was following on both Facebook and Twitter loved them. My friend Rikki sent me their first single “Poison & Wine” to me a few months after it first started playing on the radio. I wasn’t really interesting like always, it wasn’t until the song was featured on The Vampire Diaries and then I wanted to hear that song everywhere I went. I was purely addicted to it! I did try to listen to their first album to see if I could do that again, but it didn’t work.

Then in 2013, I got excited after seeing the announcement that they were releasing a new album. This one had better luck with me. I bought like four songs off and I continue to find other songs that I like off of it. I like their ballads better than the upbeat songs. Something about Joy’s voice when it’s nice and low does something to me. There’s so much emotion in her face that you can hear in it. After I heard about the disband of the group, I was very sad. I didn’t even know they were on a hiatus before the album came out. Usually I know things like that beforehand but somehow that managed to slip by. Now that it’s 2015, I’ve been a little impatient about hearing new music by Joy, even though I haven’t heard her solo records yet. I’m still debating whether or not of jumping on that bandwagon. Recently, she did release a new song called “Woman (Oh Mama)” and man, oh man! I didn’t get past the two second mark before I took it to my Starred playlist on Spotify. It’s so good and there’s something so sexy about it that I haven’t been able to put my finger on it.

Have you heard of their version of Michael Jackson’s song “Billie Jean?” They performed it at their Unplugged session with VH1 a couple of years ago, after I heard it I had to buy it. Of course, afterwards they released that cover and a couple of their songs on a EP and I felt like a goofball that I didn’t wait and see. My favorite TCW songs are “Tell Mama” and “Dust To Dust.” What are your favorite tracks? Have you heard Joy’s new song yet?